Sunday, October 09, 2011

first week of togetherness

The boys and I had a great week together!  It went much better than expected too.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off at some point but our little trio is off to a great start.

We went to story hour at the library.  Went to the grocery way too many times (and the boys seems to love going to the store….we’ll see how long that lasts).  Went to the park to walk with Renee and baby Jake.  Then we spent a lot of time on the playground.  And we headed out to our playground almost every day.  And we turned the water/sand table into a rice table, definitely less messy.

And we also started Mother’s Day Out this week.  Our original plan was to wait until next year to start that.  But the church we were interested in had a spot open for both boys.  We were only going to go once a week but then they had 2 days a week, so we went for it.  And this place is wonderfully priced and cousins Meryl & Jack went there as well so we knew we’d like it.  I hated to start them so soon, but Will was so excited to be back at school.  I was nervous the first day (we had visited earlier in the week) but Will was practically running to his class.  He put his stuff up, asked for a hug and kiss and then stood in the middle of the room and just grinned.  Not sure if he was excited about the new toys or friends or what.  But he was so confident, and I was so proud.  He said he had a great day.  One of his teachers is a college age guy and I’m pretty sure that Will thinks he hung the moon. He’s already randomly mentioned him several times.  Aunt Michelle raved about the teacher in Wyatt’s class and I swear he came home saying new words (previously he only said Brubha, Ball and Momma).  So far, we’re pretty impressed.  At their new “school” they have to take their bags and lunch, they looked so grown up carrying their big ole bags.



Here are a few pictures from Friday, I’d say we had a good week.  (And Wyatt is smiling in these, not crying.)


2011-10 Oct

Will said I could only take one picture of him.  Guess he’s sick of the camera.

2011-10-07 (42)

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