Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday fun

Saturday morning all the stars aligned and we were up, fed and dressed very early.  We decided to make the most of it and head out to watch Meryl play soccer.  Will has been talking about soccer a lot. We pass a soccer field on Sundays and he always wants to go out there and play with the big kids.  So we wanted to see his reaction to watching kids his size play soccer.  When we got there he was ready to jump in the game (and probably pretyt disappointed when we said he had to watch).  When we got home and asked if he wanted to play on a team with boys his age he said he’s rather play tennis (how random is that?). 

Wyatt, of course, wanted to chase after any and every ball he saw.  So one of us had to chase him the entire time.  Then we ticked him off when we had to carry him away from the field.  But for a few moments he decided to sit and hang out with cousin Jack.


At one point Chris was carrying Wyatt back from one oft the fields only to have Will latch on for a ride back, before we knew it all of the kids were trying to hitch a ride.  So much for watching the soccer game.  Clearly Uncle Chris/Daddy was much more fun to play with.


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