Thursday, September 22, 2011

now you see it, now you don’t….


2011-09-21 (35)2011-09-22 (18)


2011-09-22 (1)


And another after,

2011-09-22 (12)

I cannot even put into words how the haircut went.  Wyatt turned into a possessed child.  We got there right at 4:00 (right when cats and dogs started falling from the sky. both boys were scared of the rain) and we were back in the car at 4:15.  It was torturous.  Sure, I was embarrassed, but more than that I was terrified by what I saw – back arching and screaming bloody murder. It was pretty. No clue what came over Wyatt but he was having nothing to do with the haircut.  Poor lady, she hung in there and managed to trim his hair.  I told Chris Wyatt would never be getting a haircut again, unless Chris wants to take him. 

So there’s another milestone off the list.  (His hair looks MUCH better)

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