Sunday, September 04, 2011

the last official weekend of summer

In my mind, Labor Day is the last official weekend of summer (even if it stays hot till October).  Of course, we spent the weekend at the lake.  It was HOT on Saturday and not-so-hot on Sunday. 

Wyatt had his first jet-ski ride.  He didn’t really react much.  Just hung out and stayed awake (something Will couldn’t managed when he was that little).  Wyatt still detests the lifejacket.  Hopefully he will change his mind by next summer.


Wyatt, for the first time, enjoyed swimming.  He stayed in the water almost an hour just laughing and splashing and playing.  It might have been that every one of us were in the water too.  It was too hot to be anywhere else.  DSC04152DSC04200

Will also stayed in the water for an extended amount of time.  He practiced his “left arm, right arm” swimming and kicking.  He has improved so much since summers started!  But he was also content to just bob around in the water all afternoon.  Or fetching things…..his squirt bottle, random pool toys, Poppy’s crocs.  He thought it was the best to throw something off the dock and then climb down the ladder in search of it.  (I guess he spends too much time watching Gus & Riley jumping, swimming and fetching).  Will was worn out after this weekend!


Will also spent some time hanging out on the boat pretending to be a pirate, having sword (noodle) fights with Mimi & Poppy.


And captaining the boat.  Not sure this hat works with the pirate theme, but it was part of his plan.


Happy Labor Day!

In case you are wondering why there are only pics of the kids, well, I figure the adults don’t really want their pictures taken in their swimsuits Smile


Sandra said...

So jealous! No wonder you unplugged! I would have too if I'd been out on the lake. SO glad you had fun!

Kristi said...

Looks like you guys gave summer a proper send off. Glad you were able to chill and relax as a family!