Friday, September 30, 2011

last day

Today was W & W’s last day at school.  We had a goodbye party with cupcakes for Will and his friends.  Will was insistent that the cupcakes not have sprinkles, I guess those are only for birthdays.  Will had just woken up for a nap so he wasn’t the most cooperative but he did let us take a picture with his beloved Miss Meredith.  Will has had Miss Meredith in two different classes now and he is her #1 fan (she is his as well).   We had a nice time with his teachers and loved hearing all the sweet things they had to say about our big boy.


We didn’t have a party for Wyatt’s friends.  Given their age we figured it would just confuse Wyatt.  Like Will, the second he saw us he was ready to be OUT of there.  Wyatt’s teachers ADORE him!  Apparently Wyatt is quite the charmer during the day.  The second I walk in he starts crying and they always laugh saying it’s the first time he’s cried all day.  At least I know he’s been having great days while we are gone.

So today closes a chapter in our little lives…..we’ll see what October and beyond brings!

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