Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday payday

The countdown is OVER!  September is the start of a new chapter at the T house.

This is my last working (for a paycheck) week.  My new bosses are named Wilson & Wyatt.  I’m a little bit nervous and a whole lot excited!!  But really, mostly excited!

I’m a little bit worried how Mister Wilson is going to do.  He really enjoys going to school.  He loves to learn, and loves his friends and teachers.  I’m worried most about his reaction to not suddenly not going anymore.  I’m sure at first it’s going to be fun, but I have a feeling after a few weeks he’s going to be begging to go back.  I hope to enroll him in a mother’s day out program just to keep him excited, especially now that he’s truly pre-school age. 

I told Chris long gone are the days of having a hot meal ready when he gets home from work.  And the house cleaning and laundry are probably a thing of the past (oh, the perks of working from home all day. not that I was that great at it.). 

I will go ahead and confess, the boys are staying in daycare for a few extra weeks while I enjoy a few days to accomplish some things on my mile-long to-do list.  AND while we’re taking a short no-kids vacation!  Hopefully I’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle this new and VERY full time job.

It will be interesting and fun to see how we navigate these new waters!


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Kristi said...

Congratulations! We'll have to set up some Facebook sanity chat sessions. There are days that feel endless, but I am so happy to have the same type "bosses!"
So happy for you guys!