Wednesday, September 14, 2011

be still my cookie-loving heart…..

Will asked to bake cookies the other day.  The world stopped just for a moment as I basked in the glow of his request.  And then once the angels stopped singing, I rushed into the kitchen to gather whatever I could find to build my child some cookies.  But I was too late! Will had gotten into the tupperware of cookies made the day before and lined them up on the cookie sheet that was still laying out.  He then grabbed the nearest spatula and beat the tar out of those cookies!  He called that baking. (For the record, I do not do that when baking. Not sure who he was imitating.) All was not lost though, Will then decided to eat his first ever, baked-by-momma, cookie!  He ate one and then another.  It was right before bedtime, but I didn’t care, he was finally eating one of MY cookies.  (Apparently my love language is baking cookies.) 

The next day he asked for another cookie.  After a few bites he handed it back to me and said he didn’t like the “chocolate cake” part.  He was referring to the chocolate chips. I looked at his cookie and he had eaten all around the edges so he just had cookie, no chips.

The next day I asked if he wanted to make new cookies. We used a mix, because sugar cookies are not one of my strengths.  Other than opening the mix and measuring, Will did it all himself.  He stirred wholeheartedly and made little mess.  Then he used the scooper to put them on the tray.  And then his favorite part, adding sprinkles!  We probably used up one whole shaker of sprinkles by the time he finished.  They were the most colorful cookies ever!  They turned out great.  And I lost count of the number of cookies Will consumed. Clearly he’s a fan of sugar cookies!  Since there were a few left I asked Will if we should share them with Poppy (who’s love language is also cookies) and he excitedly said “Yes, he’ll think this is a great surprise!”. 

I know it was a great surprise for me!!!!!

(Such a momentous occasion and I didn’t take one picture…’ll have to make do with this cookie picture from Christmas.  Back when Will didn’t eat cookies, not even sugar cookies.)
2010-12-24 (46)

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Kristi said...

Huge smiles on my face after reading this one.
Not sure if it is from laughing about the cookies being beaten or just the sweetness of baking together with a child...