Monday, September 19, 2011

almost 3.5

Will turns 3.5 next month!  Hard to believe we are closing in on 4 now.  He is going to be my challenge when we’re at home 24/7.  He loves to learn, be challenged and stay engaged.  He also likes schedule and predictability so I have my work cut out for me.  And I’m going to have to plan out our days, I’ve been meaning to sit down to see what this looks like for us….but like many things on my to-do list, it remains undone.  Maybe this week!

2011-09 Sept2

These days the words frequent in Will’s vocabulary are: cool, awesome, did you see that?, did you know…?, are you kidding me?, I’m just joking.

Will is constantly talking or singing.  He plays with his people or animals and they are always going on some kind of adventure that involves caves, mountains, volcanoes or the forest.

2011-09 Sept1

Will still loves his books, too many to mention.  And he’s discovering new movies all the time: Peter Pan, Snow White, Tangled, Princess and Frog, every one of the Little Foot movies.  We tried Cars but he said he had a hard time understanding it…..not clue what he means by that, but I think he likes emotional movies.

2011-09-16 (37)


Will agreed to these pictures if we could play bubbles afterwards.  He just wanted to carry the bubbles around, not actually blow them.

And this last picture, he told me to be still and not move so he could take my picture. Then he told me “good job”. I guess I say all of those things a bit too often….at least it worked for me this day.
2011-09-16 (54)

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