Thursday, September 15, 2011

4 days

2001-10 1stanniv Savannah
Taken in Savannah on our first anniversary, 2001

We were fortunate enough to take a mini-vacation, 4 days, with no kiddos!  (Many, many thanks Mom & Dad!!!) This was the most un-planned vacation we’ve ever taken.  I typically plan every single thing, this time I was just happy to have a place to stay.  Monday morning we took the kids to school and then headed to Tybee Island/Savannah for a few days. 2011-09 Sept

My agenda only included reading and sleeping.  Can I tell you how wonderful it was to sleep without dual baby monitors buzzing in my ear all night?  Blissful!  Granted, we still woke up pretty early.  But it was nice to just wake up, not be woken up with crying.IMG_7755

IMG_7763We ended up spending most of our time on the beach but did enjoy going out to eat.  It’s been awhile since we have done that, just the two of us. 


I read 2.5 books and 2 magazines. Between chapters I dozed underneath our umbrella.  And for the first time, in a long time, I could actually start and finish complete thoughts (in my head or out loud to Chris). IMG_7783

Our 4 days together were great!  We missed the boys a ton but this was the perfect start to my new “full-time” job.

We went straight to school when we got into town.  Wyatt about jumped out of his chair when he saw us.  Will was still asleep and didn’t have much of a reaction.  Later he gave us lots of hugs and kisses.  I asked him if they had fun at Mimi & Poppy’s and Will said they played and talked on the phone (to us), but pointed out that they didn’t do that at the same time.  And the best part of the week, Poppy made Will a whole stack of waffles and they were sticky!  Oh, and Riley knocked Mimi’s popcorn over and it was funny.  I’d say they did just fine without us.

Back to the real world…..


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