Sunday, August 28, 2011

weekend past

Well, I’m behind as usual.

Last weekend we took Aunt Lois to the lake.  It seems like Wyatt slept the whole weekend away as this is the only picture I have of him all weekend.

The weekend was more of the same: swimming, fishing, running, playing, etc.  Will is doing so much better at swimming.  He practiced “left hand, right hand” the whole time he swam, much better than just floating like he normally does.  He even hitched a ride on the back of Riley and soared thru the water.  It was pretty funny. 

2011-08 Aug5

Of course, then there was Aunt Lois.  She took her first jetski ride, she thought it was great and asked to go the next day too!  She squeeled and laughed the whole time.  Will saw her take off and yelled “Oh no, Aunt Lois!”.  I think he was scared for her. 

2011-08-20 (85)

The summer is quickly coming to an end, only a few more lake weekends left.

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Kristi said...

LOVE that picture of Will riding on Riley's back! Nothing like the love between a boy and his dog!