Friday, August 12, 2011

thumbs up, thumbs down

Wyatt is a fan of sand.  LOVED it.

2011-08-06 (35)

Wyatt is NOT a fan of the swings.  His legs swung like crazy trying to get.out.of.that.contraption!2011-08-06 (63)

Wyatt LOVED the loud music making thingy.

2011-08-06 (74)

And today at school Wyatt fell in love with OREOS.  Be still my heart.  The best part of the story, he cried/got mad when they wouldn’t give him another one. 


Please ignore Wyatt’s old man slippers in the picture.  They are hideous but we are still looking for extra-wide shoes for the Mister.  Big feet run in the family.

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kristi said...

Ever so cute! My kids agree with all his thumbs up thoughts, but would call him crazy on not liking the swings...