Tuesday, August 02, 2011

sun fairy

Will has a fascination with fairies.  It started with Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle.  And then he caught part of the Great Fairy Rescue movie, he LOVED it.  He loves the idea of pixie dust and flying.  Today after his bath he grab these “wings” and ran around screaming “I am a fairy, I am a fairy, I am a sun fairy”.  There is video though perhaps I should save him some dignity with that one. 

Along with the fairy theme….Chris picked Will up at school today but couldn’t find him in the classroom, apparently he wasn’t looking for the little boy in the pink dress.  Will LOVES dress up.  He needs a sister, soon!

2011-08 Aug

We take a lot of pictures in our room, the light is great.  But I will go ahead and confess, we don’t make the bed.  We’re lazy, plus there’s usually a kid or animal hanging out in the bed most mornings.  If I ever become a “woman of leisure” perhaps I’ll make my bed then, though no promises.

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Kristi said...

I don't make my bed either...

And if you think the fairy dressing up is bad before there is a sister, just you wait...