Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today Wyatt acted like it was Monday (his worst day of the week).  He screamed from the second we got home (at 5:00).  Nothing made him happy.  We finished eating before 5:30 and then Wyatt had a quick bath but he never stopped screaming.  We tried every trick we had but it was clear what he wanted.  At 6:00 I carted him upstairs for a quick change, bottle and he was reaching for the bed by 6:15.  He’s been out ever since.  So we saw him 1.5 hours today, if that.  I’m not a fan of this phase.  Though Will probably enjoyed the extra one-on-one time.
Though in a few weeks, this won’t be a problem anymore….more to come on that later!

It appears Wyatt enjoyed his spaghetti tonight, though he has more on him than in him.


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