Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a bad rap?

2011-08-07 (2)

I feel really bad, Wyatt gets fewer blog posts.  And fewer glowing words. 

It’s a phase, I hope. 

I don’t know if his moodiness is because he doesn’t get a great nap at school, or he’s starving.  Or the endless teething.  Or just his disposition. (I’m praying it’s not his disposition.)

I know you are wondering how he could be starving, given his size.  But he is a picky eater.  He is a starch lover: toast, biscuits, crackers, cheerios. (and if you know anything about babies and their GI tracts, this is not a great combo….nothing’s “moving”)  A balanced meal full of fruits and veggies isn’t happening that frequently, despite trying things over and over and over. 

WAIT, this post was suppose to be full of glowing words!  Moving on.  Wyatt can go from crying to laughing in seconds.  And it’s great!  He grins from ear to ear and just laughs and laughs.  Especially at Will.  He constantly wants to know where ‘brubba” is.  And I think, on occasion, I’ve heard him say something that sounds like “Will”.

2011-08-06 (12)

He is starting to chase Will around the house.  And to Wyatt’s delight, Will is starting to acknowledge Wyatt more and more. Today he kept telling us “Look, Wyatt’s walking”.  Apparently Will doesn’t pay much attention.  They both went round and round squealing with excitement.

Wyatt’s favorite “game” to play is when Will tries to hug him and then ends up flattening him, usually on the bed.  Wyatt belly laughs, Will belly laughs and everyone is very happy.
Trust me, Wyatt is laughing here, not screaming or crying.

2011-08-07 (6)

So there are plenty of happy, glowing things with Wyatt.  We are just so distracted with the crying and the juggling that I don’t get to enjoy his happy moments as much.

This is just a phase.

2011-07-17 (6)


Paul and Heather said...

I hope things get better and it is just a phase. These "phases" make it so hard. You are distracted, and frustrated and sometimes not your best...and that is hard. We are in a "phase" with Hsin right now too, and I am having such a hard time with it. Hang in will get better.

Kristi said...

Love the honesty here. And I'll be praying with you that it is "just a phase"...
Great info on him though ~ he is such a cutie!