Monday, August 29, 2011


Monday (last week) we took Aunt Lois down to the choo-choo.  She’s been to visit us enough times that there aren’t many places left to visit.  So back to the choo-choo we went.  Will had never been there before so he was excited to see all the trains, though he was sorely disappointed that the trains did not have names (like Percy or Thomas). 

2011-08 Aug3

It was so hot that we didn’t stay long but Will got a chance to do plenty of exploring.  His favorite thing, the water garden.  He loved seeing the fish and was waiting to see some frogs.  (We only found concrete frogs.)2011-08 Aug4

Hopefully we can take Will back when it’s much cooler.  And I’ve heard that it’s really nice during the holidays.  Maybe next time we can take a train ride.

Wyatt didn’t join us at the choo-choo.  He stayed at school Monday.  We try not to disturb his schedule too much if we can help it.

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Kristi said...

I so need to take my boys to our NC train town. Thanks for the reminder. (though I suspect my two will be equally disappointed about the lack of trains with faces...)