Wednesday, August 31, 2011

M is for aquarium

Will rarely mispronounces things but for some reason aquarium comes out as “MAquarium”.

Will & I have been quite the tourists lately.  Last week my friend Suzanne (and her brother Daniel) stopped in from CA and to see us for the day before heading to the races in Bristol. We headed out to the aquarium for a quick visit.  Will took a slower speed this visit, compared to our last visit.  He did all of the fun things like pet a stingray, a sturgeon (Will calls it an eel) and to catch a few butterflies.  He tried to attack it the first few times but quickly realized being still would attract it quicker.  He was very excited about his new friend!

2011-08-26 (4)

We just purchased membership to the aquarium so we are going to be spending a lot of time there this winter! 

And like a good friend, I did not remember to take a picture of Suzanne and me together.  She did and luckily she likes to share.

Come to think of it, I didn’t take any pictures with Aunt Lois while she was here.  Apparently I’m not quite the photographer I thought I was.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Monday (last week) we took Aunt Lois down to the choo-choo.  She’s been to visit us enough times that there aren’t many places left to visit.  So back to the choo-choo we went.  Will had never been there before so he was excited to see all the trains, though he was sorely disappointed that the trains did not have names (like Percy or Thomas). 

2011-08 Aug3

It was so hot that we didn’t stay long but Will got a chance to do plenty of exploring.  His favorite thing, the water garden.  He loved seeing the fish and was waiting to see some frogs.  (We only found concrete frogs.)2011-08 Aug4

Hopefully we can take Will back when it’s much cooler.  And I’ve heard that it’s really nice during the holidays.  Maybe next time we can take a train ride.

Wyatt didn’t join us at the choo-choo.  He stayed at school Monday.  We try not to disturb his schedule too much if we can help it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

weekend past

Well, I’m behind as usual.

Last weekend we took Aunt Lois to the lake.  It seems like Wyatt slept the whole weekend away as this is the only picture I have of him all weekend.

The weekend was more of the same: swimming, fishing, running, playing, etc.  Will is doing so much better at swimming.  He practiced “left hand, right hand” the whole time he swam, much better than just floating like he normally does.  He even hitched a ride on the back of Riley and soared thru the water.  It was pretty funny. 

2011-08 Aug5

Of course, then there was Aunt Lois.  She took her first jetski ride, she thought it was great and asked to go the next day too!  She squeeled and laughed the whole time.  Will saw her take off and yelled “Oh no, Aunt Lois!”.  I think he was scared for her. 

2011-08-20 (85)

The summer is quickly coming to an end, only a few more lake weekends left.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

sleep walking

We took a late afternoon walk today.  I convinced Chris it was nice in the shade, we never found the shade.  But it was nice to get out.  Wyatt LOVED the walk, or ride in his case.  Will enjoyed it till we turned around to go back, then he got very tired.  He kept falling asleep and then waking up.  At least 3 times he said “my eyes keeping trying to close”.  He’s so stubborn when it comes to sleep, I kept telling him it was okay.  Thankfully he passed out in the car on the 2 minute drive home.  He woke up 2.5 hours later saying “I tried to keep my eyes open….”.  Poor guy, he’s afraid he missed something.

2011-08-27a (4)

Friday, August 26, 2011


August was already a busy month and it somehow got busier, crazier and more hectic.  Yes, all three – busy, crazy, hectic.  They are all different and can happen at the same time.

And we are on a countdown too – 1 week.  I’ll explain more later when things are slightly calmer.

But until then, bath time is still a must so you get a few pictures until I can string a few more sentences together.  (Wyatt is the worlds messiest eater!)

This is Wyatt’s silly face, it’s hard to tell, but trust me, it’s silly. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today Wyatt acted like it was Monday (his worst day of the week).  He screamed from the second we got home (at 5:00).  Nothing made him happy.  We finished eating before 5:30 and then Wyatt had a quick bath but he never stopped screaming.  We tried every trick we had but it was clear what he wanted.  At 6:00 I carted him upstairs for a quick change, bottle and he was reaching for the bed by 6:15.  He’s been out ever since.  So we saw him 1.5 hours today, if that.  I’m not a fan of this phase.  Though Will probably enjoyed the extra one-on-one time.
Though in a few weeks, this won’t be a problem anymore….more to come on that later!

It appears Wyatt enjoyed his spaghetti tonight, though he has more on him than in him.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

row, row, row your boat

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a paddle boat.  Every summer I tell anyone that will listen how much fun I think one would be. Not sure why, as I don’t really have any memories of being on one before. Saturday when we got to the lake and look what was waiting on me!  My very own paddle boat! SO EXCITING!  I am calling this my early birthday present.  (Thanks Daddy! You’re off the hook come Oct.)

We’ve all taken rides aboard my little boat (perhaps she needs a name?). Will has designated himself as the steerer.  And because he dictates that we go in circles more than straight we haven’t made it very far yet.  But we had a great time playing in it all weekend.  Even Gus took a ride or three!

And the best part, everyone commented that it was much easier to use than expected.  That means I won’t spend my years paddling alone!

This isn’t the best picture, but it cracks me up.  Apparently if you have extra guests in the back there should be two to prevent severe tipping on one side.  (Aunt Lois is visiting us this weekend.)


And while we’re on the subject of paddling or pedaling as Will calls it…. here is my only other experience with a paddle boat.  I don’t remember it but I do like the picture.  (Sorry Aunt Karen, I’m sure you wanted the world to see you pregnant and in a swimsuit.)  Look at my stylish Nana on the paddle boat!  I can bet this was a Sunday and I’m sure she was still in her church clothes.1978-08 Karen, Julie, Dot

Friday, August 19, 2011

summer sledding & water fun

Will used his gardening cart as a sled the other night.  He had the greatest time going up our neighbors hill and flying down.  He did it over and over.  Only problem is that he couldn’t push the wagon back up the hill.  Chris was nice enough to help him out each time.

2011-08 Aug1


Wyatt was content to play at the water table.  His favorite part was laying his entire face in the water and letting it run all over him.  Getting soaked is not a problem for him.

2011-08 Aug2

Monday, August 15, 2011

oh, August



I can’t believe it’s already Aug 15.  This month is FLYING by.  And we have a ton going on in the remaining days!  Plus we are starting a countdown to two very exciting things coming up in Sept (though not related to adding cats, dogs or babies to our family….).

In the next 2 weeks I am taking a cooking class, we have 2 different sets of visitors from CA, having a pool party, going to ATL for new fingerprints (and some shopping) plus a few fun days thrown in for good measure.  This month will be over before we know it!  I’m wondering if I can even keep up.

Friday, August 12, 2011

so tired


Wyatt was so tired after school Friday.  He was sitting, awake, in Chris’s lap, then leaned over to put his head on the couch and was out.  It was 6:15.  We carried him to bed and he never made a peep.  He likes his sleep.


thumbs up, thumbs down

Wyatt is a fan of sand.  LOVED it.

2011-08-06 (35)

Wyatt is NOT a fan of the swings.  His legs swung like crazy trying to get.out.of.that.contraption!2011-08-06 (63)

Wyatt LOVED the loud music making thingy.

2011-08-06 (74)

And today at school Wyatt fell in love with OREOS.  Be still my heart.  The best part of the story, he cried/got mad when they wouldn’t give him another one. 


Please ignore Wyatt’s old man slippers in the picture.  They are hideous but we are still looking for extra-wide shoes for the Mister.  Big feet run in the family.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a bad rap?

2011-08-07 (2)

I feel really bad, Wyatt gets fewer blog posts.  And fewer glowing words. 

It’s a phase, I hope. 

I don’t know if his moodiness is because he doesn’t get a great nap at school, or he’s starving.  Or the endless teething.  Or just his disposition. (I’m praying it’s not his disposition.)

I know you are wondering how he could be starving, given his size.  But he is a picky eater.  He is a starch lover: toast, biscuits, crackers, cheerios. (and if you know anything about babies and their GI tracts, this is not a great combo….nothing’s “moving”)  A balanced meal full of fruits and veggies isn’t happening that frequently, despite trying things over and over and over. 

WAIT, this post was suppose to be full of glowing words!  Moving on.  Wyatt can go from crying to laughing in seconds.  And it’s great!  He grins from ear to ear and just laughs and laughs.  Especially at Will.  He constantly wants to know where ‘brubba” is.  And I think, on occasion, I’ve heard him say something that sounds like “Will”.

2011-08-06 (12)

He is starting to chase Will around the house.  And to Wyatt’s delight, Will is starting to acknowledge Wyatt more and more. Today he kept telling us “Look, Wyatt’s walking”.  Apparently Will doesn’t pay much attention.  They both went round and round squealing with excitement.

Wyatt’s favorite “game” to play is when Will tries to hug him and then ends up flattening him, usually on the bed.  Wyatt belly laughs, Will belly laughs and everyone is very happy.
Trust me, Wyatt is laughing here, not screaming or crying.

2011-08-07 (6)

So there are plenty of happy, glowing things with Wyatt.  We are just so distracted with the crying and the juggling that I don’t get to enjoy his happy moments as much.

This is just a phase.

2011-07-17 (6)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (well, not quite)

I really don’t get too bothered with who Wyatt looks like.  But I do have to hear a lot about how Wyatt looks like Chris or the T* side of the family.  So I’d like to prove otherwise, for now, that he might in-fact look like my side of the family. 

Who knew the look-alike contest was such a competitive thing?

2011-05 May2

And to be honest, I feel pretty conflicted even bringing up the look-alike conversation.  I obviously do not care WHOSE genes my children have or who they look like, I’m just happy to have my hands full.

Monday, August 08, 2011

what day is it?

This sweaty picture has nothing to do with the post, but I think it’s funny.  I asked Will if he was hot and he said nope.  He is soaking wet!  but didn’t want to leave the playground.

I feel like it should be Tues or Wed, but apparently it’s Monday.  Monday’s are not historically a great day in our house.  I guess it’s something to do with going back on the school schedule that throws everyone off.  Today was no different.  Probably didn’t help that Will missed his nap Sunday and played hard all weekend. Then there’s the fact that he started a new Sunday School class this week AND a new class at school.  Will cried when we left him at church.  And then he woke up crying Monday because he didn’t want to go back to school.
Wyatt also started a new class today.  They now sleep on mats instead of cribs and eat real food.  AND we’re introducing milk (and sippy cup) and praying he tolerates it.  The classic symptom of there being a problem with the milk is fussiness.  Not sure we’re going to know if he’s tolerating it or not, since fussiness is his normal state (Poor guy, I feel like I don’t say anything nice about him…’s a phase).
I went to the car when Chris got home, anxious to find out about their days, and they were both crying.  Despite the tears, they both did really well in the new classrooms.  And Will is now reunited with his favorite teacher, Miss Meredith.  He excitedly told me that they talked about pirates and Jonah & the whale.  It was the perfect day for Will!  And Wyatt did pretty well too and ate some real food for a change. Baby steps.  Here’s to Tuesday.

Say What {Wilson, age 3}

Chris was teaching Will about football (flipball as Will calls it).  And he told him what a touchdown was but every time Will would yell either FLIPBALL or THUMBS DOWN.


I told Will that Mimi might pick him up early one day and take him somewhere fun.  He said “like Burger King?!”.  Will’s never been to Burger King but he knows they give you toys with your burger.
(Mimi did take Will somewhere fun today, but they went to “Old MacDonald” instead.  They have toys too)


I was driving and Will asked when he could drive.  I told him when he was a really big boy.  And he said “You mean when I have big feet like you?”.  I tried not to be offended by that comment


“Catch me as you can!”  (instead of catch me if you can).  You’d be surprised how many times that is uttered in one night.  It’s usually preceded with “You can’t catch me!”.


“Where’s my wife?”
This is also uttered more often than you’d think.  He’s referring to Noah’s wife (part of our LIttle People Ark set).  From what we know she doesn’t have a name (though if I’m wrong please correct me). Will likes to take his wife everywhere!


“I need some privacy please.”  He likes to say this when he’s doing business on the potty.  I appreciate that.


2011-07-28 (4)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Will’s favorite books}


Since day one Will has preferred books to toys.  Most nights he takes books to bed too.  As long as he has Frog and books he’s pretty content.  Here is what Will is currently loving. (this list is more for me to remember than anything). 

Will LOVES these two books.  I think it’s the pictures.  One is more focused on adoption but the other one kinda mentions it as well.  He likes to talk about the pictures too so it’s usually a good opener to talk about our special family.

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and FamiliesThe Family Book


I think this is a neat book and one I would have loved when I was little.  Will loves to say “Do you see that?”  when we read this book. He likes to study all of the pictures and investigate every scene.

Up Above and Down Below

To hear Will say “chameleon” will make your day.  He pronounces it correctly, he just emphasizes every syllable. He knows every word by heart in this book.  This is one he reads a lot at school.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon

We’ve read this little bible from cover to cover several times.  Sometimes all in one sitting.  Though usually he just wants to read about Jonah and the whale (and the people of Nineveh).  He likes to talk about Nineveh a lot. And he likes to pray for Jonah, the whale and Nineveh every night. Lately he’s wanted to read about Noah, Daniel and David & Goliath too. 

The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories

We do not YET own Dinosaur Bones.  But Will has watched the Scholastic movie/reading on on-demand too many times to count.  We have checked the book out from the library too.  Will likes to study the book intensely and knows every word.  A few months ago this book was Will’s prize for potty training but that didn’t work.  But he still asks when he’s going to get this book…’s on it’s way now.

Dinosaur Bones

Another library book we don’t own yet but it’s in the mail too.  This is one that Will has also watched the Scholastic version too many times and knows every word in the book.  I love the on-demand version too, the reader is very animated. 

Wild About Books (Irma S and James H Black Honor for Excellence in Children's Literature (Awards))


Will also loves tons of Dr. Seuss books.  His preferred ones change from week to week.  Sometimes it’s the classic stories, sometimes it’s the little “Bright & Early” versions.  He also loves anything about Dora, Diego, Peter Pan, Goldilocks or the Lion King.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

fancy a carriage ride?

I can’t remember if I ever posted these or not (and am too lazy to go back and look).  I was clearing off my computer and found these in the March folder.  I LOVED these pictures.  If I remember correctly Wyatt was sick this day (big surprise) so I was able to get a few good ones so I was happy. 

He looks pretty dapper in his tie and hat.


Thursday, August 04, 2011

got kale?

It’s common knowledge that I am not an adventurous eater.  I don’t like to be picky, I try new things but I can't help it.  I think it's because I have a sensitive sense of taste or smell.  It’s just the way I am.  So the new food this week is kale. After seeing them on every morning show possible I decided to try them. I didn’t have much to lose since they are super healthy and easy to make.  Chris ended up loving them.  Though I just thought they were okay but they might grow on me.  But guess who else really likes them?  Wyatt!  They are very messy (for him).  But they are super crunchy which is his preference in food these days.  And since he's so picky he can have all he wants.
2011-08-02 (3)

Click the chips for the recipe....

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

sun fairy

Will has a fascination with fairies.  It started with Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle.  And then he caught part of the Great Fairy Rescue movie, he LOVED it.  He loves the idea of pixie dust and flying.  Today after his bath he grab these “wings” and ran around screaming “I am a fairy, I am a fairy, I am a sun fairy”.  There is video though perhaps I should save him some dignity with that one. 

Along with the fairy theme….Chris picked Will up at school today but couldn’t find him in the classroom, apparently he wasn’t looking for the little boy in the pink dress.  Will LOVES dress up.  He needs a sister, soon!

2011-08 Aug

We take a lot of pictures in our room, the light is great.  But I will go ahead and confess, we don’t make the bed.  We’re lazy, plus there’s usually a kid or animal hanging out in the bed most mornings.  If I ever become a “woman of leisure” perhaps I’ll make my bed then, though no promises.

Monday, August 01, 2011

thumbs down

At school they get thumbs-up and thumbs-down on things they do.  Will still struggles with the thumb portion of the saying. 

I can’t remember who he was giving a thumbs-down here, probably Wyatt.  But he was asking “Is this a thumbs-down?”.

2011-07-30 (12)

Sunday Snapshot {1,637}

2-365, 2011-01-02

one thousand six hundred thirty seven

That’s how many pictures I have scanned in since last August.  I volunteered to scan all the family pictures after my grandparents passed away.  I started in August thinking it would be a nice project to work on during my maternity leave.  I had a nice little set up in the den with my laptop and scanner and it was great to do while we watched TV at night.  And I did finish about half but after I went back to work I got distracted.  And as soon as I thought I was finished someone would discover another box or album and it would magically make its way to my dining room table and begin to mock me.  But in the last month I have finally scanned them all! (I should note that I did skip over most landscapes/vacation shots w/o people, random hunting pictures and random surgery pictures, cause that’s just strange.)

Does that mean I’m finished?  NOPE.  I’m sure a few more boxes will pop up somewhere.  And not all of the pictures were labeled correctly or tagged completely.  But I did finally finish the big upload to SmugMug and now everyone can print or save as they wish. 

I will say it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.  I loved seeing all the big 80’s hair.  And the 60’s and 70’s were pretty groovy too.  But I loved seeing all the random pictures that they took, along with my Nana’s pretty descriptive labels.  Plus I found a ton of old old OLD letters and newspaper clippings that were fun to read.

This is my great-grandmother, hanging out on a cliff.  (I think this is Sunset Rock, the river is behind her in the one on the left)

img588aLydia Butler -Qu

And this picture of my Nana and a ram cracks me up.  1970's Dot& ram

And a picture of me and my Papaw (looking a little like Wyatt here….)

1970's Julie & Everette