Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wyatt {12 months)

Wyatt, we made it to one year!  It was a LONG year. 

That first year is so long for those of us with less than content babies.  We’ve done this twice now, and I feel like we’re invincible!  (not really) But there is a light at the end of the infant phase for me and Chris. 

Anyway, on to Sir Wyatt!  I think he still weighs 24lbs.  We go to the doctor in a few more weeks.  But I don’t think he’s grown too much. He’s still wearing a size 4 diapers, and size 5 a night.  He’s wearing 12-18 months, 18 and 24 month clothes.  Though I bought him socks that were size 18-36 months, I’d say that’s a family trait, ha ha.

2011-07 July10

Wyatt is trying so hard to walk.  He will stand on his own without holding anything and move from furniture to furniture but he doesn’t try to step without holding on to something.  But he loves when you help him walk.  He’s climbing the stairs (that’s not so great).  He’s waving at everything.  And for the first time today (7/12) he waved goodbye to me as they were leaving for school/work.

He babbles constantly still.  And laughs and laughs. He’s making sounds for ball and brother right now.  He says “mama” but still not at me.  Still not saying dada.  And he says Uh-Oh all.the.time.!

He wakes up very happy (after being changed and fed).  As I mentioned earlier, he’s sleeping thru the night!!! And he’s so easy to put down for a nap (that was a nice surprise).  And his sleepy sign has always been (since month one) rubbing his hair.  He plays with his hair constantly and that’s when you know it’s bedtime. I’m pretty sure he’ll be bald on one side soon enough.

Wyatt has an infectious grin when his tummy is full.  And he still lights up at seeing Mister Wilson.

2011-07-04b (91)

His favorite toys is a ball.  He can play with one for the longest time.  He’s great at throwing it too, and he throws hard.  And even tries to catch it.  (that’s so opposite of Will). 

Wyatt is not a fan of baths lately. He stands up and screams until we get him out.  Basically we get him wet, soap him up and rinse him and he’s out.  Sometimes it’s only 5 minutes!  (Will’s been that way too lately).  W & W are not bathing together these days.  Wyatt’s bath usually happens before 7:00 and Will is usually just getting up from the table about then.  Maybe we’ll try it again when he stays up a little later.

Will and Wyatt are trying to play together some.  But we’re still teaching Will how to play with him.  I’m an only child so this whole sibling thing is new territory for me. 

2011-07-04b (101)


And now for the big finish, the 12 month red chair photo!  It’s fitting that Wyatt chose to stand up in the chair this time.

2011-07 July10wyatt monthly pics1

I must say 12 months of updates gets tiring, I remember that with Will as well.  No worries, you will still see the red chair occasionally.

Happy one year Mister Wyatt!

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