Thursday, July 28, 2011

what a pair!

Will was getting a bit sassy and wild on his way to bed and in the process ran his head into my nose (you know, while I have a raging headache from a sinus infection).  I got really mad and snapped at him.  I quickly said I was sorry and hoped I didn’t hurt his feelings.  He said I did. And he followed it up with telling me how his friends G & F hurt his feelings today at school.  I asked for more details and he went on and on about G having a waffle in his mouth and Will telling him that he didn’t like that and then G called him "Stinky Pete" and that hurt his feelings.  I told Will that maybe his comment about the waffle hurt G’s feelings.  He didn’t agree. I finally gave up that conversation only for him to launch into how F hurt his feelings about something too and so Will told him not to sit next to him anymore.  I tried to talk to him about being a friend and forgiving.  And he quickly replied with, "We need to pray for that pair."  I asked him to repeat himself and he really did say “pray for that pair”.  (though I think he wanted to pray about THEM hurting HIS feelings, not the other way around).  After I was able to control my laughter at the “pair” reference we stopped and prayed that Will and his friends learn to use nice words and forgive each other.  And then he quickly moved on to Mickey Mouse and his tow truck.  While he doesn’t forgive or forget easily, he does change the subjects pretty quickly.
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