Saturday, July 16, 2011

the most random of weekends

The weekend isn’t even over and we’ve already experienced the most random of things.

Friday the A/C was out at daycare so Chris stayed home with the boys.  And being the crazy parents we are, we decided to kick up the potty training a notch on Friday.  I’ve been doing some reading and was inspired to take control of things (since I think Will’s trying to control us).  It’s going pretty good, we’ll see in another week or so if he’s truly trained.

Friday afternoon Mimi & Poppy offered to pick Will up and take him to the lake with them for the night.  Will was more than excited to go with them.  Realizing we only had one child and could possibly find someone to babysit Wyatt we jumped on the opportunity to see a late showing of our favorite wizard, Harry Potter.  Nana & Papaw (Chris’s parents) came over and stayed with Wyatt while he slept.  Thankfully he slept the entire time (though he coughed the whole night). 

The movie was GREAT.  And the quietest movie I’ve ever sat through, so enjoyable!  I was happy to finally see the last movie and was slightly inspired to re-read the series.  We’ll see if that happens…..

Chris spent 2 hours rocking Wyatt in the middle of the night while he coughed and coughed.  My previous rocking attempt was unsuccessful.

We kept our plans Saturday to join Will at the lake.  As we pulled out of the neighborhood Chris declared “We will not turn around and go back home for anything….”.  (we do almost every time).  We got there and unpacked only to discover I forgot to pack Wyatt’s formula.  You know the formula that’s crazy expensive and cannot be purchased in stores.  Yeah, I left it.  I intended to grab a new can since the current one was low and well, I forgot.  We decided to go to the store down the street and see if they had another one of the formulas that is kind of similar.  Thankfully they did.  Thankfully Wyatt didn’t notice the difference.  (turns out we only needed one bottle, we did not spend the night like we had planned)


After Will’s morning nap (another random occurrence) we headed out to play and swim.  It was pretty cool out.  Will helped “crank” in a few fish with Poppy’s help.  He also managed to tangle up the fishing line for awhile.  Then he spent a few hours in the water and then finally declared it too cold and asked to go in.  We warmed up, ate dinner and decided we were done for the day.  We were a little unsure how Wyatt was going to do this evening with this new cold that he’s managed to catch.  (and so far, it’s been a good decision to come home…..he’s been up several times).  We also managed to loose his paci sometime between putting our swimsuits on and taking a nap.  Once home we were not able to find his preferred one either.  He’s using a reject one, we’re hoping he doesn’t have a meltdown in the middle of the night about this. 


On the way up this morning we passed by this huge field of sunflowers.  It truly made my day!  Thankfully on the way home it was still light out and so we stopped and I took a picture or 10.  As we passed by the other end of the field we spotted a couple having their picture taken in the millions of flowers… say I was jealous is an understatement.  Had Wyatt been awake or if Will’s shoes weren’t packed one of them would have been amongst the flowers and while I happily snapped away.  I will be plotting a return visit soon.


Oh, and Will had great potty success today both at the lake and home.  I feel like we’re getting so close.

And poor Wyatt is still coughing away.  I’m afraid today’s slightly green eyes will become yucky green tomorrow (along with his nose). 

We’ll see what random adventures Sunday brings!



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