Saturday, July 23, 2011

doctor update & big news {Wyatt}

Wyatt had 2 doctors appointments this week.  GI on Monday and his one-year check Friday.  He weighed 25lb 10oz at both doctors and 32 inches tall.  He’s 90% for weight, 95% for height and his head is off the charts.

The GI doctor, I don’t even want to talk about it.  So frustrated with that group.  But anyway, we have weaned him off all reflux meds.  He has handled it really well, very excited about that.  We also have started thinning down his bottles as well.  So far so good, he’s not spitting up at all!  The GI doctor said we can start milk at any time and to watch for fussiness signs.  He’s cutting the 2 fang teeth so we need to wait a few days and then start.  Hopefully we’ll be off all thickeners by the time we start milk and we can be “normal” again!   (of course, we hope he tolerates milk well too)

Wyatt is right on track as far as his one-year check went.  And she gave us some more direction on the milk transition, much more helpful than the other doctor.  We go back at 15 months. 

And in other exciting news, Mister Wyatt took 2 steps tonight!  He did it multiple times too.  He was holding a beach ball up in the air the first few times.  Later he switch to a giant block.  For some reason he couldn’t walk without something in his hands.  In another week or so he’ll be flying after Will.  Will seemed excited saying that Wyatt could now chase him.  We’ll see how long he Will finds that fun.

Wyatt doing his “I’m tired” head rub.


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Kristi said...

Great job on the steps Wyatt! Keep it up!