Monday, July 18, 2011

and then there was one….

….in diapers, that is.  I *think* Mister Wilson is officially potty-trained.  It was similar to the situation with Wyatt not sleeping thru the night, I KNEW Will could be trained (and he mostly was at school).   But I knew he was choosing not to do it.  It was a control issue for him and I was DONE. 

If you wish not to hear about bathroom talk, I suggest you stop reading now and return in a few days.


I had read, prayed and read some more.  I stumbled across this post and this post on the same day and took that as a sign to jump in.  I headed to this site and purchased the e-book.  And spent a few minutes here telling myself that my strong-willed child could be trained in 3 days.  We started the week talking about how he’s a big boy and only babies wear diapers (yes, I know that’s mean).  And I told him that I was throwing all his diapers away soon.  He understood and repeated it all back to me.  We talked on and off for a few days and had many set backs in our pretend practice sessions.  But then the air went out at school last Friday giving us a 3 day weekend… we just did it.

2011-07-04b (103)

We had a good start Friday with only a few accidents.  And by Sunday he was doing everything in the potty. I had told Will earlier if he did good all weekend he could get a dinosaur game for his computer Sunday. That was motivation enough, he did it all and was so proud.  We ran out and got his game and ran into his teacher, he proudly told her why we were there. 

He’s even staying dry during naptime and bedtime.  Though he’s still wearing diapers at night.  But he does cry and pout about being in diapers again.  I told him soon he could just wear his underwear at night. 

2011-07-04 (10)

There were 2 things we did differently this time.  We insisted he sit rather than stand (that solved almost all our issues).  And we chose to praise and reward him for staying dry, rather than actually going potty.  We told him it was his job to stay dry.  We did not make him/tell him to sit on the potty.  We just repeated “are you dry?” all day long. And randomly asking if he needed to go.  For our boy who likes to be in control this worked wonderfully.  It was his job to stay dry and after a few rewards for being dry he was asking us to take him potty.  He likes it to be his idea and does not like to go when you ask him to (serious control issues). 

He did okay at school today, only one accident.  But I know he’s going to be really distracted at school so I’m not surprised. I know we will have a few more setbacks and accidents in the next few weeks and months.  But I really think we’re finally on the other side of the potty and diapers now.  And my diaper bag just got a lot lighter!  Now to overcome my disgust of public restrooms.

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