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Friday, July 29, 2011

party of 4

There is never a good time for family pictures.  But surely there has to be a better time than a sunny Saturday when it’s 100 degrees.  Despite the weather and WIll’s disgust of the camera and Wyatt’s teething frenzy, the photographer managed to get a few good ones where everyone is at least looking at the camera.  And I think a few are even frame worthy.

Given this head start, think I’ll have my Christmas cards ready early?  Probably not.



There are more pictures, but I had to steal these from her blog until I get the DVD.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

what a pair!

Will was getting a bit sassy and wild on his way to bed and in the process ran his head into my nose (you know, while I have a raging headache from a sinus infection).  I got really mad and snapped at him.  I quickly said I was sorry and hoped I didn’t hurt his feelings.  He said I did. And he followed it up with telling me how his friends G & F hurt his feelings today at school.  I asked for more details and he went on and on about G having a waffle in his mouth and Will telling him that he didn’t like that and then G called him "Stinky Pete" and that hurt his feelings.  I told Will that maybe his comment about the waffle hurt G’s feelings.  He didn’t agree. I finally gave up that conversation only for him to launch into how F hurt his feelings about something too and so Will told him not to sit next to him anymore.  I tried to talk to him about being a friend and forgiving.  And he quickly replied with, "We need to pray for that pair."  I asked him to repeat himself and he really did say “pray for that pair”.  (though I think he wanted to pray about THEM hurting HIS feelings, not the other way around).  After I was able to control my laughter at the “pair” reference we stopped and prayed that Will and his friends learn to use nice words and forgive each other.  And then he quickly moved on to Mickey Mouse and his tow truck.  While he doesn’t forgive or forget easily, he does change the subjects pretty quickly.
2011-07-17 (19)

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Monday, July 25, 2011


I remember going thru this with Will. 

I have a love/hate relationship with daycare. 

Wyatt knows “If you’re happy and you know clap your hands”. 

I hate that I didn’t know that he loves that song. 
I hate that I didn’t know he could clap on time with that song AND stomp his feet. 

I love that they taught him that because I probably wouldn’t have realized he was old enough to “know” it yet.

Thanks to Will singing it thru his snorkel we discovered Wyatt loves that song, even thru a snorkel.




Saturday, July 23, 2011

doctor update & big news {Wyatt}

Wyatt had 2 doctors appointments this week.  GI on Monday and his one-year check Friday.  He weighed 25lb 10oz at both doctors and 32 inches tall.  He’s 90% for weight, 95% for height and his head is off the charts.

The GI doctor, I don’t even want to talk about it.  So frustrated with that group.  But anyway, we have weaned him off all reflux meds.  He has handled it really well, very excited about that.  We also have started thinning down his bottles as well.  So far so good, he’s not spitting up at all!  The GI doctor said we can start milk at any time and to watch for fussiness signs.  He’s cutting the 2 fang teeth so we need to wait a few days and then start.  Hopefully we’ll be off all thickeners by the time we start milk and we can be “normal” again!   (of course, we hope he tolerates milk well too)

Wyatt is right on track as far as his one-year check went.  And she gave us some more direction on the milk transition, much more helpful than the other doctor.  We go back at 15 months. 

And in other exciting news, Mister Wyatt took 2 steps tonight!  He did it multiple times too.  He was holding a beach ball up in the air the first few times.  Later he switch to a giant block.  For some reason he couldn’t walk without something in his hands.  In another week or so he’ll be flying after Will.  Will seemed excited saying that Wyatt could now chase him.  We’ll see how long he Will finds that fun.

Wyatt doing his “I’m tired” head rub.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

and then there was one….

….in diapers, that is.  I *think* Mister Wilson is officially potty-trained.  It was similar to the situation with Wyatt not sleeping thru the night, I KNEW Will could be trained (and he mostly was at school).   But I knew he was choosing not to do it.  It was a control issue for him and I was DONE. 

If you wish not to hear about bathroom talk, I suggest you stop reading now and return in a few days.


I had read, prayed and read some more.  I stumbled across this post and this post on the same day and took that as a sign to jump in.  I headed to this site and purchased the e-book.  And spent a few minutes here telling myself that my strong-willed child could be trained in 3 days.  We started the week talking about how he’s a big boy and only babies wear diapers (yes, I know that’s mean).  And I told him that I was throwing all his diapers away soon.  He understood and repeated it all back to me.  We talked on and off for a few days and had many set backs in our pretend practice sessions.  But then the air went out at school last Friday giving us a 3 day weekend… we just did it.

2011-07-04b (103)

We had a good start Friday with only a few accidents.  And by Sunday he was doing everything in the potty. I had told Will earlier if he did good all weekend he could get a dinosaur game for his computer Sunday. That was motivation enough, he did it all and was so proud.  We ran out and got his game and ran into his teacher, he proudly told her why we were there. 

He’s even staying dry during naptime and bedtime.  Though he’s still wearing diapers at night.  But he does cry and pout about being in diapers again.  I told him soon he could just wear his underwear at night. 

2011-07-04 (10)

There were 2 things we did differently this time.  We insisted he sit rather than stand (that solved almost all our issues).  And we chose to praise and reward him for staying dry, rather than actually going potty.  We told him it was his job to stay dry.  We did not make him/tell him to sit on the potty.  We just repeated “are you dry?” all day long. And randomly asking if he needed to go.  For our boy who likes to be in control this worked wonderfully.  It was his job to stay dry and after a few rewards for being dry he was asking us to take him potty.  He likes it to be his idea and does not like to go when you ask him to (serious control issues). 

He did okay at school today, only one accident.  But I know he’s going to be really distracted at school so I’m not surprised. I know we will have a few more setbacks and accidents in the next few weeks and months.  But I really think we’re finally on the other side of the potty and diapers now.  And my diaper bag just got a lot lighter!  Now to overcome my disgust of public restrooms.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

the most random of weekends

The weekend isn’t even over and we’ve already experienced the most random of things.

Friday the A/C was out at daycare so Chris stayed home with the boys.  And being the crazy parents we are, we decided to kick up the potty training a notch on Friday.  I’ve been doing some reading and was inspired to take control of things (since I think Will’s trying to control us).  It’s going pretty good, we’ll see in another week or so if he’s truly trained.

Friday afternoon Mimi & Poppy offered to pick Will up and take him to the lake with them for the night.  Will was more than excited to go with them.  Realizing we only had one child and could possibly find someone to babysit Wyatt we jumped on the opportunity to see a late showing of our favorite wizard, Harry Potter.  Nana & Papaw (Chris’s parents) came over and stayed with Wyatt while he slept.  Thankfully he slept the entire time (though he coughed the whole night). 

The movie was GREAT.  And the quietest movie I’ve ever sat through, so enjoyable!  I was happy to finally see the last movie and was slightly inspired to re-read the series.  We’ll see if that happens…..

Chris spent 2 hours rocking Wyatt in the middle of the night while he coughed and coughed.  My previous rocking attempt was unsuccessful.

We kept our plans Saturday to join Will at the lake.  As we pulled out of the neighborhood Chris declared “We will not turn around and go back home for anything….”.  (we do almost every time).  We got there and unpacked only to discover I forgot to pack Wyatt’s formula.  You know the formula that’s crazy expensive and cannot be purchased in stores.  Yeah, I left it.  I intended to grab a new can since the current one was low and well, I forgot.  We decided to go to the store down the street and see if they had another one of the formulas that is kind of similar.  Thankfully they did.  Thankfully Wyatt didn’t notice the difference.  (turns out we only needed one bottle, we did not spend the night like we had planned)


After Will’s morning nap (another random occurrence) we headed out to play and swim.  It was pretty cool out.  Will helped “crank” in a few fish with Poppy’s help.  He also managed to tangle up the fishing line for awhile.  Then he spent a few hours in the water and then finally declared it too cold and asked to go in.  We warmed up, ate dinner and decided we were done for the day.  We were a little unsure how Wyatt was going to do this evening with this new cold that he’s managed to catch.  (and so far, it’s been a good decision to come home…..he’s been up several times).  We also managed to loose his paci sometime between putting our swimsuits on and taking a nap.  Once home we were not able to find his preferred one either.  He’s using a reject one, we’re hoping he doesn’t have a meltdown in the middle of the night about this. 


On the way up this morning we passed by this huge field of sunflowers.  It truly made my day!  Thankfully on the way home it was still light out and so we stopped and I took a picture or 10.  As we passed by the other end of the field we spotted a couple having their picture taken in the millions of flowers… say I was jealous is an understatement.  Had Wyatt been awake or if Will’s shoes weren’t packed one of them would have been amongst the flowers and while I happily snapped away.  I will be plotting a return visit soon.


Oh, and Will had great potty success today both at the lake and home.  I feel like we’re getting so close.

And poor Wyatt is still coughing away.  I’m afraid today’s slightly green eyes will become yucky green tomorrow (along with his nose). 

We’ll see what random adventures Sunday brings!



Thursday, July 14, 2011

finally, 12 months later

It only took me 12 months to finally get a shot of the brothers that I L.O.V.E.

I wish Will’s face was more visible but that’s just being picky.  Now to decide which I like better, black/white or color.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wyatt {12 months)

Wyatt, we made it to one year!  It was a LONG year. 

That first year is so long for those of us with less than content babies.  We’ve done this twice now, and I feel like we’re invincible!  (not really) But there is a light at the end of the infant phase for me and Chris. 

Anyway, on to Sir Wyatt!  I think he still weighs 24lbs.  We go to the doctor in a few more weeks.  But I don’t think he’s grown too much. He’s still wearing a size 4 diapers, and size 5 a night.  He’s wearing 12-18 months, 18 and 24 month clothes.  Though I bought him socks that were size 18-36 months, I’d say that’s a family trait, ha ha.

2011-07 July10

Wyatt is trying so hard to walk.  He will stand on his own without holding anything and move from furniture to furniture but he doesn’t try to step without holding on to something.  But he loves when you help him walk.  He’s climbing the stairs (that’s not so great).  He’s waving at everything.  And for the first time today (7/12) he waved goodbye to me as they were leaving for school/work.

He babbles constantly still.  And laughs and laughs. He’s making sounds for ball and brother right now.  He says “mama” but still not at me.  Still not saying dada.  And he says Uh-Oh all.the.time.!

He wakes up very happy (after being changed and fed).  As I mentioned earlier, he’s sleeping thru the night!!! And he’s so easy to put down for a nap (that was a nice surprise).  And his sleepy sign has always been (since month one) rubbing his hair.  He plays with his hair constantly and that’s when you know it’s bedtime. I’m pretty sure he’ll be bald on one side soon enough.

Wyatt has an infectious grin when his tummy is full.  And he still lights up at seeing Mister Wilson.

2011-07-04b (91)

His favorite toys is a ball.  He can play with one for the longest time.  He’s great at throwing it too, and he throws hard.  And even tries to catch it.  (that’s so opposite of Will). 

Wyatt is not a fan of baths lately. He stands up and screams until we get him out.  Basically we get him wet, soap him up and rinse him and he’s out.  Sometimes it’s only 5 minutes!  (Will’s been that way too lately).  W & W are not bathing together these days.  Wyatt’s bath usually happens before 7:00 and Will is usually just getting up from the table about then.  Maybe we’ll try it again when he stays up a little later.

Will and Wyatt are trying to play together some.  But we’re still teaching Will how to play with him.  I’m an only child so this whole sibling thing is new territory for me. 

2011-07-04b (101)


And now for the big finish, the 12 month red chair photo!  It’s fitting that Wyatt chose to stand up in the chair this time.

2011-07 July10wyatt monthly pics1

I must say 12 months of updates gets tiring, I remember that with Will as well.  No worries, you will still see the red chair occasionally.

Happy one year Mister Wyatt!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12 hours at 12 months!

this was part of Wyatt’s one year update, but it’s a bit long and it truly deserves it’s own post!

I am EXSTATIC to report that Wyatt is sleeping thru the night!!!!!!!!!!!!   Let’s pause and bask in that milestone for a moment.

Just shy of a year old Wyatt finally slept 12 hours!

It’s been a long year.

Towards the end of June I had finally had it with the sleep issues.  I knew he could do it but he just wouldn’t.  I was really fed up one evening when he ate more dinner than normal along with a bottle and tons of cheerios AND another bottle at bedtime.  And then he still woke up for a 2:00 bottle!!  I was over it that night and determined to put an end to this.  It was a Wednesday night and Chris was studying for a big test all week so I knew I couldn’t do anything until Friday night.  I plotted and planned, read up and was ready to wait it out.  We were going to cry it out.  He was well and not teething so there was no reason not to give it a shot.  We were prepared for a long weekend as we “sleep trained” Wyatt.  Chris took the first shift Friday night.  Wyatt woke up at 2:00 so Chris went in and changed his diaper and then tried to rock him (Wyatt’s not a fan of rocking) and then put him back in his bed.  We watched on the monitor as he stood shaking the bed rail and screamed.  After 2-3 minutes it was too much to listen too so we turned down the volume and just waited.  15 minutes later Wyatt laid back down and slept thru the night, even waking up later than normal!  AND after only one night of training he hasn’t woken up since!!!!  Seriously!  It’s been almost 3 weeks now.  I’m not sure if I should be thrilled that he was so easy to train or mad that it took me so long to attempt it.  Either way, I’m not complaining.

He is starting to teeth again so I know there may be a few more sleepless nights in our future but I know that once he’s well that he can go back to sleeping all night, I won’t be afraid to let him cry it out again. 

Now if only I could train my boys to sleep past 6:30/7:00 on the weekends…..that’s probably asking for too much.  I’m happy with the 12 hours of sleeping.


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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {paperwork}

Last Friday I frantically waited on the mail so that I could grab our updated homestudy.  I added that to another stack of paperwork to renew our expiring USCIS paperwork and rushed to the post office.  Nothing like an expiration date right after the holidays.  That and some procrastination on our part made for a mad dash Friday.  Thankfully everything arrived in time.  And more importantly no $$$ is needed this time.  I’m sure our paperwork now sits on some government officials desk awaiting attention.  Now we can start stalking the mail for the elusive fingerprint appointment.  We are hoping it’s in August since we have a lot going on in July, I guess we’ll wait and see.  At this point I’m just happy to have all that paper sitting on someone else’s desk rather than mine.

As I searched thru 4 years of documents that were once organized I realized how sentimental this notebook has become. Five years ago I excitedly started the notebook as we sorted thru the maze of international adoption.  And as we narrowed down our agency choices it became devoted entirely to our agency and our social worker’s requirements.  Every piece of paper was copied or printed and filed accordingly.  There are copies of copies of copies.  Every single piece that was once sent to our agency, or notarized, or sent to China is in there.  Every letter of approval and every letter about updating paperwork is in there. Every receipt that is important for our adoption tax credit is in there.  (praying the credit is still active by the time we finalize)



Of course, our paperwork has been in China 4 years now, and the notebook only comes out every 18 months now.  But I look at it and see all the hours put into each and every document. It definitely was a labor of love. As daunting as the task seems, I need to scan in at least half of the documents in here.  We’ve had 2 laptops and 2 computers since this all started and as organized as we were most of the electronic copies are now missing. Looks like I have another project to work on while we wait.


Wondering what Sunday Snapshot is? Visit Stefanie at NiHaoY'all for the details

Sunday Snapshot

Wyatt’s 1st birthday ~ in pictures

the cake

2011-07 July3

some of the guests

2011-07 July4

wyatt’s personal pool

2011-07 July6

wyatt opening presents

2011-07 July7

this probably deserves it’s own post…..Will’s obsession with Wyatt’s gifts.


And this one cracks me up, Wyatt had an obsession with baby Jake. Every time he saw his stroller he made a beeline for him and was trying to get to him. Thankfully his arms were not long enough to reach in and pinch him.


and just because baby Jake is so cute…..he deserves his picture on here too.


Happy Birthday Mister Wyatt!


and if you want to see the rest of the pictures, here is the slideshow. BIG THANKS to Nicole for taking all these pictures, that was the best gift of all!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Wyatt's Party

Mr. Wyatt’s first-ever birthday (pool) party last night went great. There was a pretty good chance of storms in the forecast; fortunately, the rain missed us. The weather, while still hot, wasn’t unbearable. Julie had the idea of bringing a small, inflatable pool down to sit by the big pool, for Wyatt to sit in and splash around. That turned out to be an excellent idea, as he clearly loved crawling in and out, and splashing constantly.

When it came time for singing happy birthday, we put him in his highchair and placed his cake in front of him. He wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I think someone might have stuck one of his hands into the icing to help him get started. He had a couple bites of the icing and proceeded to smear it all over himself. We then sang ‘Happy Birthday’. When everyone started clapping afterwards, he got a bit startled and began to cry. He was clearly done with the cake and all the attention.

We then moved on to opening up his presents, and Mr. Wilson was more than happy to “help” Wyatt unwrap, as well as, show him how each of his new toys work. Wyatt received so many wonderful gifts from everyone that came. He has many months ahead of discovering each and every one. And I’m sure Will is going to do his best to test out each one, to make sure they’re safe enough for Wyatt to play with.

All in all it was a really fun party, and I think everyone had a great time. We ended up leaving the pool about 8:30 or so, which was way past Wyatt’s bedtime. He was so worn out that he didn’t make a single noise from the time I put him in his carseat to the moment I laid him down in his crib. His eyes were wide open, but you could tell he was clearly exhausted. He slept solid through the night, as did Will, Julie, and myself.

I’m sure Julie will be posting some party pictures soon. Nicole was kind enough to put Julie’s camera to work throughout the party, and she captured a ton of great pictures.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wyatt's First Year

At this time tomorrow, Wyatt will be exactly one year old. Here's a look back at his first year!

Monday, July 04, 2011

4 pictures for the 4th

It was a good, long weekend.  Will crashed at 10:00 this morning and took a 3 hour nap, that tells you how tired he was.  Both boys were in bed way before their bedtimes tonight and quickly fell asleep.

We had a great weekend and I think I’m going to go to bed early too.  Well, as soon as the neighborhood fireworks stop.  I will post more pictures soon.

2011-07-02 (46)2011-07-02 (69)2011-07-03 (34)2011-07-03 (8)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

the 4th

It’s my most favorite holiday!  Fireworks at the lake make for a perfect weekend.  I love the holiday because there are no cooking requirements, no gifts to buy and no appearances to be made.  It’s just a laid back holiday that goes for days. 
The boys had a parade at school yesterday.  I’m sure there was a lot of flag waving going on.  And they proudly sported their flag shirts.  This was the best picture I could get of the two of them before school. 

Friday, July 01, 2011

videos from june...

Here's a bunch of random clips from June. Have a great 4th of July weekend!!!

(In case you can’t hear or make out what Will’s saying at the very beginning… I asked him where we were going, and his reply was, “To China.” I then asked him who’s in China, and he answered, “Koala bears and my brother.” While he knows that a trip to China is in our future, he’s still trying to work out the details.)