Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wyatt {11 months}

Wow, 11 months.  Only one month left till Wyatt turns ONE.  (better get cracking on the party plans).  Not a lot of changes this month, it seems the month flew by this time!

He hasn’t grown much.  Still 24lbs and wearing size 4 diapers.  And some 12m clothes still but mostly 12-18 months on top and bottom. 

He babbles constantly, but still no words.  He does squeal and laugh a lot.  And he tries to talk to Willie & Gus when they get close.  His personality is really starting to show.  He loves to be silly.  This is his scrunchy face that he makes when he gets really excited or wants you to laugh with him.


Wyatt loves anything with a plug.  His #1 favorite is the surge protector, followed closely by the laptop plug.  Of course, any outlet will do in a pinch.  He’s pretty determined too.  You can move him and he will be right back to the plug in seconds.

I’ve said it a million times, but he’s still not sleeping thru the night.  Here lately he’s getting up around 12 or 1 and again at 4 or 5.  Of course, he hasn’t been well in over a month.  I’m praying June will make him healthy, and sleeping all night.


Wyatt sports two legs of steel….he is pulling up whenever is possible.  Occasionally he does the walk/crawl move as well.  He will be walking very soon.  He may or may not have watched this entire 30-minute video standing up, not that I’d let him watch an entire video, nope not me.  This is the first thing I’ve found to capture his interest longer than 5 minutes.  He definitely is challenging me in ways that Will never did. (Will also loved these Praise Baby videos too


Wyatt is moving up at school.  He’s saying goodbye to the Lambs and hello to the Turtles.  One of Will’s favorite teachers is in the Turtles class now so we’re excited to have a familiar face in there with Wyatt.  Between you and me, I think they had to move him up early because he was getting into everything in the Lamb’s class.  He was probably terrorizing those little babies.  His Lamb’s teachers say that he “runs” across the room to grab a toy from the other baby (that’s his age).  She said the two boys are a good match for each other.  Sadly, they have a picture up of Wyatt “pulling” another boy by this bib, not a proud moment.

A first for Wyatt this month, swimming in the pool.  He loved it and everyone was soaked, those in and out of the pool.


Happy 11 months Sir Wyatt!

2011-06-04-14-11-mons_thumb2wyatt monthly pics

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