Friday, June 17, 2011

we found the secret….

I might have stumbled across a bribe that finally works!  (not that I would EVER bribe my children…..)  Will has refused ice cream for years, only trying a bite if he thought it was yogurt. This week Team Umizoomi visited an ice cream shoppe and all Will could talk about afterwards was wanting some ice cream.  Even though it was minutes before bed I got him a small scoop in hopes he would like it.  It was chocolate, he took one bite and said he didn’t like it.  On the way to bed he said that maybe he needed white ice cream….and in a cone.

Next trip to the store I grabbed both of those items and promised him a super surprise if he ate his dinner (naturally it was a night he almost refused to eat).  Thankfully he finished dinner and was SO surprised to see a white ice cream just like Team Umizoomi”. 


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