Monday, June 06, 2011

red, white and blue

I recently made the boys flag shirts with their names on them.  I don’t normally spell out their names because there is just too much room for error with that many letters.  When I finished I stood back to decide if I really liked them or not….mostly deciding I didn’t like them (they are really messy up close).  Then my Papaw came to mind.  He loved all things red, white and blue.  He had several flag shirts that were in his regular wardrobe lineup.  He would have loved the boys flag shirts, and would have definitely made a comment about them.  Today is his birthday, our first without him.  I think they will wear their flag shirts to school today.


1982-03 Aspen - Dot & Everette

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Kristi said...

Oh those shirts! If I had time before we left I'd be trying to comission you to make one for each of my kids. Love them.
And it's always fun when something makes you think of a loved one, isn't it?