Wednesday, June 01, 2011

membership has its privileges

Our zoo membership came in handy this weekend. Will & I got up really early planning on watching a softball game only we weren’t able to get out of the house on time SO we waited for Wyatt to wake up and we all headed straight to the zoo. Our zoo currently has a dinosaur exhibit and given Will’s current fascination with dino’s we had to check it out. Thank goodness for our membership because we were only there an hour! We went to see the dino’s first and then headed back to see the jaguars and macaw’s and back to the dino’s and we were done. Will declared it “too hot” to stay outside much longer so we headed home.

The dino exhibit was huge hit with Mister Wilson! There wasn’t much to it, 6-7 dinos roaring and moving but Will thought it was great. He wasn’t scared of them, which we were nervous about, and Wyatt took it all in stride too.

Of course the visit to see the dino’s prompted an addition to his nightly prayers…..”thank you for the dinosaurs, especially the long neck dinosaurs…..”. He went on to say something about each one, but the long neck is apparently his favorite.

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