Tuesday, June 14, 2011

just when I think he’s not getting it….

He lets me know he gets it.  Mister Wilson randomly said something tonight.  I didn’t quite hear what he said but it sounded odd so I questioned him.  And he launched into a story about how he lived in his “breath” mommy’s tummy and then he was born and he walked to our house to live and now I’m his mommy and he’s going to stay here.  I said yup, you have a birth mommy and me.  I told him how lucky he was to have TWO mommy’s.  I let it go and he brought it back up when we were saying our prayers.  I tried to get him to say birth rather than breath but that didn’t work so I left it alone.  But I told him how lucky I was to be his mommy and how we were so blessed that he was chosen to be our baby (he corrected me and said “no, big boy”).  Before I knew it he was moving on and was wanting to thank Jesus for dinosaurs.

I get so worried that we’re not doing enough in telling him his story but days like today reassure me that we’re on the right path. 


What’s funny is that he said he “walked” here after being born.  Normally when he talks about his birth story he mentions a barn and farm animals.  Glad he excluded them from the story this time.  I think he’s confusing his adoption story with the Christmas story. 

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Kristi said...

Good for you for starting the story now, even if he says "breath" mommy. We call her tummy mommy around here...
One of the adopted kids from our church told me once that the best thing her parents ever did for her was tell her from the very beginning about her adoption story so that it was never a surprise ~ just part of life.
One day he'll say birth AND understand he didn't walk to your house. :)