Sunday, June 12, 2011

He’s growing up*

*Will says this every time he listens to a certain Llon Klng song.

Saturday I asked Will what he wanted to do, he said play with stickers and go to Mimi’s.  I reminded him we would be there Sunday after church.  He said he wanted to go right now.  I told him to ask his Daddy but that he’d also have to call Mimi and ask her.  (I said that last weekend too and he wouldn’t call her.)  Daddy said yes, so we called Mimi.  And in a voice much too deep for his 3-year old self he said “Hey Mimi.  Can I spend the night?”.  Of course she said yes and we told her we’d be there after naptime.  This plan surprisingly got Will to take a nap earlier than usual.  He woke up from his nap asking to go to leave.  He was still his normal groggy self, but kept saying “I just wanna go”.  We got there and Will was clearly excited to be there.  He said hello to Mimi and started yelling for Poppy.  We found Poppy in the basement and after exploring for a bit Will turned to me and said “You can go now.”.  I was stunned, but got my hug and kiss and went upstairs to get my things.  On my way out Will was in the yard playing so I said goodbye again and got another kiss which he promptly wiped off!!!!!!!!!!  I had to laugh but my feelings were a bit hurt.  I expected that in a few years, but not at 3.  He’s growing up much too fast!

Edit:  Will was so excited to see us when we arrived.  And I was so proud because when we left he told Poppy, without any prompting, thank you for letting him spend the night.  We have been working on saying thank you a lot lately.  Later I told him how proud I was of him and what a big boy he was for saying that.  He said “Yeah, that was a big boy thing to do, not a baby thing.  And I’m proud of you for asking if I could spend the night.”.  We got a laugh out of that part.


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