Wednesday, June 15, 2011

broken record


Same song, second verse…..Wyatt’s sick again.  I know I’m broken record with all these “Wyatt’s sick…” posts but this child is sick again!  Every 10 days is a new bug.  This week, double ear infections.  We knew on Sunday morning he was sick given the green goop in his eyes but were wishfully thinking it was his teeth still. By Monday morning he had a high fever and greener eyes.  Off to the doctor we went.  In addition to his ears, his lungs weren’t sounding so great.  So we came home with a new Rx and instructions to do breathing treatments 3x day.  Thankfully he was well enough to return to school Wednesday (and I went to work).  They said he had a good day considering.  I’m glad for that.  The only problem now is the new Rx messes with his stomach and needs to be given with food.  Naturally he’s refusing to eat anything this week other than a bottle or cheerios. 

On the plus side he has given in and decided to become a bit more of a snuggle bug so that’s been refreshing.  And I was able to find time to craft so the boys have some new shirts to wear, yay! 

Birthday countdown has begun!  only 3 weeks till O-N-E

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