Thursday, June 30, 2011

just 7 more days


2011-06-25 (96)

Sir Wyatt will be ONE a week from today.  It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here.  My once easy-to-photograph baby is now a mobile toddler and I foresee “photo sessions” becoming a lot more difficult.  I got a few good pictures, thanks to a wagon full of cheerios.

7 more days…..

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

it’s that time again


It’s paperwork time again.  We’ve done this again, again, and again.  Thankfully we don’t have to attempt the massive amount of paper we did the first time around, just a few forms, lots of reading of fine print, and proof-reading.  We’ve already had our home-study visit and now we’re just waiting on that and then it’s all in the mail.  Then we can get fingerprinted again, joy joy.

But we have faith that one day #3 will make her appearance.  And we’re really hoping and praying that this is our last update. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

june pictures

nothing creative for this monday…..just lots of pictures in my june folder that need to be shared Smile

2011-06 June32011-06 June42011-06 June1

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Saturday morning Will was decked out in goggles, claiming they helped him to see better. By Saturday night Wilson was requesting his pirate gear so that he could watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 
Clearly Will is into accessories.
2011-06-25 (140)2011-06-25 (154)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

oven lovin’

I tend to express my love via baking.  I married someone who does not speak “sweets”.   Not that Chris doesn’t like cookies, pies and cakes.  They just don’t speak to him the way ice cream does.  But I have found one way to Chris’s stomach….
This recipe for  Apple Dumplings.  Oh my word, these are so good.  I only made a half recipe since it’s just the two of us.  It’s a good thing too, otherwise, we would have had to finish them all.  (and yes, he did have ice cream with them)



And since it was a holiday weekend I made a second dessert to share with Mom & Dad. I stumbled across this a few days ago and decided I had to try it, Strawberry Shortcake Cake.   This one goes against all my big NO’s in desserts….. fruit, sour cream, cream cheese and sifting flour but I knew everyone else would like it so it was worth a try.  Everyone loved it, and I surprised myself by even liking it, alot.

I will say this took awhile to make, it was easy just lots of starts and stops.  And the icing was thick so it didn’t go on very pretty (which is normally is big deal to me).  But after I tasted it I decided it didn’t matter how it looked.REE_6385

a typical saturday


Will eating waffles for breakfast, wearing goggles, watching cartoons.  And Wyatt hovering nearby.  Will’s quote this morning was “Wyatt cannot hang on to my shorts while I am eating”.

Friday, June 24, 2011

June Cold Snap

11.5 months {Wyatt}

In 2 short weeks Sir Wyatt will be O-N-E.  And I’ve neglected a bunch of his milestones.

  • loves to clap if there’s music or other clapping going on
  • can kinda wave, but doesn’t do it as a hello or goodbye, more like “notice me”
  • climbing the steps!!!!!
  • says “mama” though not really at me
  • says something that resembles “brother” and it’s directed at Will
  • gives a big ole belly laugh when we play “where’s brother?” aka peekaboo

2011-06-16 (14)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

father’s day school gifts

Here are the gifts the boys brought home last week for Father’s Day.

This is the picture inside of Wyatt’s card.  HYSTERICAL!


Will’s card had his footprint on it and a note dictated to his teacher……

I love that he takes care of my dinosaurs.  He gets Willie out of the garage.  He takes Gus outside when he’s in trouble.

That note cracks me up.  Willie hangs out in the garage but we have to get him out before we open the garage door.  And Gus goes out during dinner b/c he tries to eat Will’s leftovers.


And here is Will & his tie they painted in Sunday School.

2011-06-19 SS

Monday, June 20, 2011

father’s day in pictures


Chris mentioned we had a fun-filled, busy Father’s Day.  The highlight was the toothbrush idea of Will’s.  I then asked him what we should get Poppy and he said toothpaste.  Clearly he’s into dental hygiene these days.

This is the only picture I got of Chris & the boys.




Will is over the camera.  I need a longer lens so I can hide out and take pictures.


This was the great airplane discussion….do they work or not?  Poor Will he just stood there waiting for a big show.

2011-06 June

what a day

Wow. Yesterday was Father’s Day, and I don’t think it could have been any better than it was. It was one of the best days I’ve had in quite a while. Though we were all extremely exhausted by the time we got home, it was definitely worth it.
Saturday night Will gave me an early Father’s Day present, which was a new toothbrush. Julie asked him what he wanted to get for me, and there you have it. I thanked him for the gift and even used it that night.
Sunday morning Will brought me a bag with some more gifts: a new Bible (I’ve been wanting a smaller-sized one for quite a while now), and a StarWars ABC book. Will and I read through the ABC book a few times and he asked me about each of the characters and ships he saw.
In Sunday school, Will painted a wooden necktie for me to wear. Polka-dots and all. I haven’t tried it on yet, as the paint was still wet when he gave it to me. It should be perfect for a night on the town, splinters and all.
After church, we went over to Mimi and Poppy’s for lunch, and spent some time outside trying to catch butterflies and bees in the butterfly net that Poppy got for Will. Will declared that it was too hot, so we retreated back indoors to test-fly some RC-helicopters. The test flights did not occur, as both of the helicopters had issues. We ended up playing around inside for a little while longer before going back home for the boys’ naps.
After naptime we got ready and headed out to see Nana, Papaw, and the rest of the T-family & friends at the pool. Will stayed in the water for the majority of the time, while Wyatt got in and out at his request. He’s still getting used to being in water that’s not as warm as his bath. We didn’t leave the pool until 8:00, which was about an hour past Wyatt’s bedtime. He didn’t seem to mind, though you could clearly gauge how tired he was by looking at his eyes.
We got home by 8:30 and resumed the normal nightly routine of getting the kids ready for bed. By this time my eyelids were as heavy as Wyatt’s.
So that’s it in a nutshell. A great, packed, calm, hectic, activity-filled, Father’s Day. I’m truly blessed to have an incredible wife, two wonderful little boys, and someday in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future, a sweet little girl.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

triple celebration

It’s time to celebrate again!


Happy Father’s Day to my dear husband.  Chris is the real-deal. Hands on. VERY involved. 
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He is so loving to all of us, and is loved so much in return. The three of us are so blessed to have him as the head of our home.687670023_2009-10-15 (24)
Chris & Wilson, Oct 2009


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my Daddy! aka Poppy

He is the best Dad & Poppy we could ask for. To see him light up when W & W come into the room is priceless.  Thank you for all you do for us!2011-04-09 (36)


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents.  This is their 40th!

15c June 1971


I hope everyone enjoys their special day!

a quick dip...

We were able to sneak in a quick trip to the pool after dinner last night. It was a bit cloudy out so the kids got cold and were ready to head back up the hill about an hour later. Will really enjoyed testing out his new set of swimmies, but Wyatt preferred to sit poolside and watch, as that was the warmer option...
If the weather cooperates we'll be doing this again Sunday night, at my parent's neighborhood pool.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

we found the secret….

I might have stumbled across a bribe that finally works!  (not that I would EVER bribe my children…..)  Will has refused ice cream for years, only trying a bite if he thought it was yogurt. This week Team Umizoomi visited an ice cream shoppe and all Will could talk about afterwards was wanting some ice cream.  Even though it was minutes before bed I got him a small scoop in hopes he would like it.  It was chocolate, he took one bite and said he didn’t like it.  On the way to bed he said that maybe he needed white ice cream….and in a cone.

Next trip to the store I grabbed both of those items and promised him a super surprise if he ate his dinner (naturally it was a night he almost refused to eat).  Thankfully he finished dinner and was SO surprised to see a white ice cream just like Team Umizoomi”. 


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

broken record


Same song, second verse…..Wyatt’s sick again.  I know I’m broken record with all these “Wyatt’s sick…” posts but this child is sick again!  Every 10 days is a new bug.  This week, double ear infections.  We knew on Sunday morning he was sick given the green goop in his eyes but were wishfully thinking it was his teeth still. By Monday morning he had a high fever and greener eyes.  Off to the doctor we went.  In addition to his ears, his lungs weren’t sounding so great.  So we came home with a new Rx and instructions to do breathing treatments 3x day.  Thankfully he was well enough to return to school Wednesday (and I went to work).  They said he had a good day considering.  I’m glad for that.  The only problem now is the new Rx messes with his stomach and needs to be given with food.  Naturally he’s refusing to eat anything this week other than a bottle or cheerios. 

On the plus side he has given in and decided to become a bit more of a snuggle bug so that’s been refreshing.  And I was able to find time to craft so the boys have some new shirts to wear, yay! 

Birthday countdown has begun!  only 3 weeks till O-N-E

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

just when I think he’s not getting it….

He lets me know he gets it.  Mister Wilson randomly said something tonight.  I didn’t quite hear what he said but it sounded odd so I questioned him.  And he launched into a story about how he lived in his “breath” mommy’s tummy and then he was born and he walked to our house to live and now I’m his mommy and he’s going to stay here.  I said yup, you have a birth mommy and me.  I told him how lucky he was to have TWO mommy’s.  I let it go and he brought it back up when we were saying our prayers.  I tried to get him to say birth rather than breath but that didn’t work so I left it alone.  But I told him how lucky I was to be his mommy and how we were so blessed that he was chosen to be our baby (he corrected me and said “no, big boy”).  Before I knew it he was moving on and was wanting to thank Jesus for dinosaurs.

I get so worried that we’re not doing enough in telling him his story but days like today reassure me that we’re on the right path. 


What’s funny is that he said he “walked” here after being born.  Normally when he talks about his birth story he mentions a barn and farm animals.  Glad he excluded them from the story this time.  I think he’s confusing his adoption story with the Christmas story. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

pool party

I think Chris already posted some pool pictures. But I found this in my drafts so I figured I’d post it anyway.

This is from Memorial Day……this is Wyatt’s first time in the pool. I think he just considered it a giant tub and splashed like crazy. We were soaked!!!

2011-05-30 Mem Day (14)

We started off in the baby pool. Will jumped in with hesitation, we were proud of him.

2011-05-30 Mem Day (18)

We soon moved to the big pool and Will loved that even more. He never asked to go back to the baby pool (and you saw the video of him jumping off the diving board!). Wyatt kept on splashing while Will swam about. (We haven’t decided on what type of swimming device Will is going to used. I almost want to just use swimmies, we’ll see what Lifeguard Chris comes up with….)

2011-05-30 Mem Day (24)2011-05-30 Mem Day (28)

2011-05-30 Mem Day (46)

Choo-Choo, this was the T-train…..Meryl was being pulled while Jack held on to her feet and Will hold on to Jack’s tube.

2011-05-30 Mem Day (55)

I call this one “How many T*****’s can you fit in the pool?” 4 cousins and an uncle.

2011-05-30 Mem Day (59)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

He’s growing up*

*Will says this every time he listens to a certain Llon Klng song.

Saturday I asked Will what he wanted to do, he said play with stickers and go to Mimi’s.  I reminded him we would be there Sunday after church.  He said he wanted to go right now.  I told him to ask his Daddy but that he’d also have to call Mimi and ask her.  (I said that last weekend too and he wouldn’t call her.)  Daddy said yes, so we called Mimi.  And in a voice much too deep for his 3-year old self he said “Hey Mimi.  Can I spend the night?”.  Of course she said yes and we told her we’d be there after naptime.  This plan surprisingly got Will to take a nap earlier than usual.  He woke up from his nap asking to go to leave.  He was still his normal groggy self, but kept saying “I just wanna go”.  We got there and Will was clearly excited to be there.  He said hello to Mimi and started yelling for Poppy.  We found Poppy in the basement and after exploring for a bit Will turned to me and said “You can go now.”.  I was stunned, but got my hug and kiss and went upstairs to get my things.  On my way out Will was in the yard playing so I said goodbye again and got another kiss which he promptly wiped off!!!!!!!!!!  I had to laugh but my feelings were a bit hurt.  I expected that in a few years, but not at 3.  He’s growing up much too fast!

Edit:  Will was so excited to see us when we arrived.  And I was so proud because when we left he told Poppy, without any prompting, thank you for letting him spend the night.  We have been working on saying thank you a lot lately.  Later I told him how proud I was of him and what a big boy he was for saying that.  He said “Yeah, that was a big boy thing to do, not a baby thing.  And I’m proud of you for asking if I could spend the night.”.  We got a laugh out of that part.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 for 4


Sir Wyatt now has 4 molars all at varying stages of coming in.  The only good news about this is that we’re nearing the end of teething, 4 pointy teeth to go and we are done for a bit.  Of course, the other day I started to wonder if his teeth will fall out the same way they came in…..if so, then he might have a mouth full of gap’s in a few years, poor guy.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

please pass the celery


Somewhere I read that cold, chilled veggies were good for teething.  I don’t think they meant celery but that’s all I had.  No matter, Wyatt is a HUGE fan.  He shreds this stuff in no time at all.  And doesn’t mind eating it either (big surprise).  Plus, it easily keeps him entertained while the rest of us eat dinner.  Wyatt only has one more molar to start on and the pointy teeth in front and then we’ll be done for awhile.  At the rate he’s going I predict those front 4 teeth start next month.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wyatt {11 months}

Wow, 11 months.  Only one month left till Wyatt turns ONE.  (better get cracking on the party plans).  Not a lot of changes this month, it seems the month flew by this time!

He hasn’t grown much.  Still 24lbs and wearing size 4 diapers.  And some 12m clothes still but mostly 12-18 months on top and bottom. 

He babbles constantly, but still no words.  He does squeal and laugh a lot.  And he tries to talk to Willie & Gus when they get close.  His personality is really starting to show.  He loves to be silly.  This is his scrunchy face that he makes when he gets really excited or wants you to laugh with him.


Wyatt loves anything with a plug.  His #1 favorite is the surge protector, followed closely by the laptop plug.  Of course, any outlet will do in a pinch.  He’s pretty determined too.  You can move him and he will be right back to the plug in seconds.

I’ve said it a million times, but he’s still not sleeping thru the night.  Here lately he’s getting up around 12 or 1 and again at 4 or 5.  Of course, he hasn’t been well in over a month.  I’m praying June will make him healthy, and sleeping all night.


Wyatt sports two legs of steel….he is pulling up whenever is possible.  Occasionally he does the walk/crawl move as well.  He will be walking very soon.  He may or may not have watched this entire 30-minute video standing up, not that I’d let him watch an entire video, nope not me.  This is the first thing I’ve found to capture his interest longer than 5 minutes.  He definitely is challenging me in ways that Will never did. (Will also loved these Praise Baby videos too


Wyatt is moving up at school.  He’s saying goodbye to the Lambs and hello to the Turtles.  One of Will’s favorite teachers is in the Turtles class now so we’re excited to have a familiar face in there with Wyatt.  Between you and me, I think they had to move him up early because he was getting into everything in the Lamb’s class.  He was probably terrorizing those little babies.  His Lamb’s teachers say that he “runs” across the room to grab a toy from the other baby (that’s his age).  She said the two boys are a good match for each other.  Sadly, they have a picture up of Wyatt “pulling” another boy by this bib, not a proud moment.

A first for Wyatt this month, swimming in the pool.  He loved it and everyone was soaked, those in and out of the pool.


Happy 11 months Sir Wyatt!

2011-06-04-14-11-mons_thumb2wyatt monthly pics