Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wyatt {10 months old}

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I have more pictures from this “pram” session….someday I’ll post them.

Mister Wyatt is now 10 months old.  Hard to believe his first birthday will be in 2 months.  When I was pregnant those last 2 months crawled by, now they fly by!  Wyatt went to the dr last week for a cold, turns out he had strep.  They were completely surprised the next day when the test came back positive.  It’s odd for someone under 1 year to get strep.  (Though medically speaking nothing surprises me with this family….).  Anyway, my point was that he still weighs 24lbs.  He’s wearing a size 4 diaper, but a size 5 at night.  His clothes are all 12-18 months. 18m still fits but 24m fits okay too. 

2011-05-05 (4)He had just started sleeping thru the night when he came down with strep.  He’s back to waking up hungry.  Hopefully once he gets his appetite back and fills up during the day he’ll stop waking up at night. Though he often wakes up just for a diaper change.  He didn’t like a wet diaper when he was a newborn either.

For as big as Wyatt is he is not a big eater.  Getting him to finish a bottle is a huge challenge.  Getting to eat an entire jar of food is hard.  So while we get the comment “He’s never missed a meal….”, he misses plenty of meals.   We’re tying some table food but as with Will running into issues since we are avoiding dairy, soy and milk.  I’ve blocked out all I learned with Will so it’s like starting over.  Plus he seems to have some sensitivity to rice so that’s an added challenge.

We’re still working on his first molar.  It’s been coming in for a month.  You can imagine how fun that is.

He makes a TON of noise, lots of babbling.  And he is so loud.  I guess he’s going to have a deep voice.  Chris said the other day that he mimicked Gus and started barking.  I’ve yet to hear it but am not surprised that that is his first “word”.

He LOVES to take a bath.  He goes crazy if you walk into the bathroom, wiggling like crazy to get in the tub.  Of course, he splashes like crazy too.  Poor Will is not a fan of a splashy bath.


Wyatt does the strangest thing with his feet.  He crosses his feet over and almost clasps them together like you would your hands with the bottom foot coming over the top.  If he’s sitting still (and that’s a big if) this is how his feet are resting.  And he does some interesting things with his toes that I do.  He also circles both feet at the same time.  (I swear he did that in the womb too.) I commented that it was strange and Chris pointed out that I do it in my sleep.  I find it interesting that such random things like this are inherited.  Makes me wonder about some of Will’s quirky things.

2011-04-30 (2)

Of course, we’ve mentioned that Wyatt is on the move.  That was a discovery for him in April.  At the same time he was crawling he also started trying to pull up.  He is on the move and determined to get there quickly!!!


Wyatt is suffering for major separation anxiety.  He’s been that way for awhile but he definitely is not a fan of being left in a room all alone (good thing he learned to crawl).  He still lights up whenever Will is in the room (and is a huge fan of older kids in general).

He also has discovered a love for cords.  He will “run” towards a cord or plug and stick it instantly in his mouth.  We got away with the minimum baby proofing for Will, this will not be the case with Wyatt.  It should be an interesting summer! 2011-05-08 (45)Collages3

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