Sunday, May 08, 2011

a most special day...

Will doesn't know how to blog yet (most likely a good thing), and Wyatt has yet to master the English language, but had they achieved these things, they would definitely want to say how much they love their mommy. They'd also want to say how she's the best mom in the world, and that no one else knows how to take such great care of them. They'd also say how happy they are to be able to wake up every day and be able to hear her voice, and how incredibly safe they feel when she wraps her arms around them and gives them a giant hug. I'm not sure they understand yet what Mother's Day is all about, but when they do, I'm fairly certain they won't let this day go by without telling her how much they love her.

Since they can't say or write these things yet, I'm more than happy to, because I feel the same way.

Happy Mother's Day. We love you so very, very much, and we cannot wait to spend this day, and all the others that follow, with you.

Your boys

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