Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mister Wilson, age 3 {Favorites}

Our recently-turned 3 year old’s current Favorites

Animal: Giraffes and dinosaurs (specifically triceratops)
Show: Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, Team Umizoomi, Jake & the Never Land Pirates
Books:  Babar, Dr Seuss, and anything about animals
Song: anything from The Lion King
Food:  Beans and Rice with “stripes” (aka cheese) (and I won’t tell you how many times a week he eats this….)
Drink: Milk, Pink Lemonade and “Purple'” drink (cranberry juice, though anything purple is will work too)
Snack: Goldfish and Ritz pretzel crackers (really any cracker or chip, he’s definitely into salty items)
Treat: Fruit snacks (George, Shark or Veggie Tale fruit snacks)
Toy: any of his plastic animals, usually zoo animals or dinosaurs

Favorite things to say:
I’ve never seen that before – usually in reference to something on a show or in a book, i.e. “I’ve never seen a talking anteater before.”  99% of the time he most definitely has seen it before.
I’m alright or I’m okay – if he falls, or sneezes, coughs, nose dives off the couch, etc.
XYZ are my best _______ – Giraffe’s are my best animal, Rice is my best food, Diego is my best show, etc
Do you see that ______?

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Kristi said...

Oh for the number of times I've heard, "I've never seen that before!" from my little guy...
Great idea in recording what Mister Will is like right now. I found myself running a mental list on my kids.