Friday, May 20, 2011

Mister W2

2011-04-30a (36)
I noticed Wyatt hasn’t gotten much publicity on the blog this week.  I think it’s because I don’t have any new pictures of him (not really an excuse, is it?).  Wyatt has been a Grumpy Old Man lately so I guess there is anything new, fun or exciting to share.  He’s working on a molar but not the one we thought he was getting in.  And after a struggle I got a good look inside his mouth to see that he’s swollen in all 4 places in his mouth so I guess he’s working on 4 at once….that’s my Mister Over-achiever!  He’s waking up 2-3 times a night, which makes for some really sweet and patient parents these days.  And both W’s and myself have developed some nasty coughs.  At this rate we may need to invest in 2 breathing treatment machines since it’s kinda hectic in the morning squeezing both in.  Hopefully these colds are on their way out!
In spite of all the negative stuff going on Mister W2 has started eating more solid foods.  Cheerios are his current favorite and maybe some tiny pieces of bananas if he’s in the mood.  Speaking of food, he is becoming more and more picky.  I really hate that I passed down that gene.  It’s going to be a long childhood!  (I’m sure my parents are going to enjoy watching me suffer through this after all I put them through….)  Wyatt is constantly pulling up.  Did I mention that he pulled himself to standing the day before he crawled?  I’m serious about him being an over-achiever.  He’s been crawling for a few weeks and is already doing some crawling/walking maneuvers.  And a few days ago when Mimi was holding him he took a step or two forward like he was ready to learn to walk.  Today he attempted to cruise a bit around the furniture.  I was 100% ready for him to crawl but 99% sure that I’m NOT ready for him to walk.  He is into EVERYTHING already I can only imagine the chaos that will begin once he’s on the run.  If I had to bet I’d say he’ll be walking before his 1st birthday (just 6 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!)
2011-05-07 (93)
Mister Wyatt – standing in the tub.

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