Wednesday, May 25, 2011

little ears hear

2011-05-07 (13)

I guess we’ve been watching too much news/tornado coverage on TV this week.  That or Will still clearly remembers last month’s storm here because his nightly prayer has changed.  Two nights now Will wants to thank Jesus for saving our house and roof (and for saving our books so we can read them, and toys, and cow flashlight and on and on).  But I was so surprised (and proud) that he mentioned “saving our roof”.  In the car we talk about how all the houses have blue tarps on them and how some people lost their roofs and homes during the bad storm and how grateful we are to not lose our roof.  He usually follows the conversation up with some dramatic retelling of wind and rain and randomly mentions farm animals (which is a reoccurring theme with him).  I am reminded daily that he is growing up very quickly!

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Kristi said...

Sweet, sweet baby. They are always listening, aren't they?