Thursday, May 26, 2011

he doesn’t look sick….

2011-05 May1

This is Wyatt a day or two before the dreaded pink eye struck.  Both W’s have had colds for weeks now but I guess Wyatt’s got worse.  Sunday Wyatt looked pretty rough so we stayed home.  Based on his eyes and nose I expected him to be sick and clingy, but he acted great.  So we sent him to school on Monday only to have him come home with a red and gross eye. We debated on sending him Tuesday but figured we shouldn’t mess with eyeballs and vision.  I think we caught it early since he didn’t run a fever until later.  But he was able to go back to school Thursday and had a good day.  And tonight he stayed busy in the kitchen dancing and “talking” so I’d say he’s back to himself.  So glad that he’s better in time for the long weekend!

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