Saturday, May 21, 2011

bloom where you are planted

2011-05-21 (33)

Will has wanted to buy flowers since the beginning of April.  I’m not sure what sparked this idea but for months he has repeated this request, no details ever change….Will gets white flowers, I get yellow and Chris gets red.  (And Wyatt doesn’t need any, according to Will.) He even went so far to say that we should each wear flower shirts when we plant them (in the same colors).  He even wanted to use the money in his piggy bank to buy them.  Every few weeks he asks if we’re going to plant the flowers. Well, today was finally the day….we headed to the nursery to pick out flowers.  We went down the aisle of petunias and Will’s original plan went out the window…all of his original colors were there, I even steered him towards those colors when he declared purple was the color of the day.  Not any purple, dark purple and white candy-stripes!  I’m usually pretty conservative with my flower colors….pink if given a preference, and NO crazy combinations.  Will is definitely pushing me outside my comfort zone with this choice (not that you can really see them in this picture). Had this not been such an important purchase to Will I absolutely would have vetoed them, but just this once I let his crazy choice win.2011-05-21 (39)

It was quite the activity planting the new flowers.  And I have never planted flowers so quickly either! Before we finished Wyatt had eaten the flowers, the leaves, weeds from the grass and a handful of potting soil.  Will did get to enjoy helping and used his gloves and gardening tools so it was a win in his book.  I’m choosing to let the experience outweigh the color combo. 

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