Friday, May 13, 2011

belated easter pics


Somehow I neglected to post Easter pictures.  Like all holidays, we were busy from sun up to sun down.  Will (surprisingly) agreed to wear a tie for me!  Wyatt had a matching one but I had him wear his dedication outfit instead.  Sadly, he had an explosive diaper as soon as we pulled into the church parking lot and ruined the outfit (like he does most days in the school parking lot). So, sadly, I did not get a picture of Wyatt all dressed up. 

2011-04-24 Easter(18)

2011-04-24 Easter(55)2011-04-24 Easter(95)

I love this picture of Will & Graham.  Will just adores Graham.2011-04-24 Easter(91)

This picture is classic Wyatt, wanting what someone else has.

2011-04-24 Easter(83)


Hanna was so sweet with Will.  She took him around and helped him find eggs.  Will ADORES older kids and loves when they spend time with him.  On the way home he said he had fun playing with Hanna.

2011-04-24 Easter(109)e

All the kids with Chris’s Mom & Dad (aka Nana & Papaw).

2011-04-24 Easter(143)

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Kristi said...

Your boys are SO CUTE!!!