Thursday, April 28, 2011

The power is back on.


we're all here and okay!

For those that are checking in on us, we are all okay and fine. Lots of damage to the yard, fence and playhouse but nothing that can't be fixed.
We lost count of the number of trips we made to the basement.  It was a very long and scary day.
We don't have power but we'll update when we can.
Many prayers for the families south of us in Ringgold.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time to (Re) baby-proof...

Yep, we now have a full-on crawler in our midst!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wyatt's first game of 'catch'?

Ear aches are no picnic.

Rough night last night. I think Wyatt was the only one that got a full night of sleep. Will woke up crying because his ear was hurting, and he never went back to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. Julie ended up laying with him in his bed for about an hour, and then I did for the rest of the night. It was one of those nights where we probably should have just brought him down with us in our bed. Julie took will to the doctor a few minutes ago to see what they can tell us. I shined a light in will's ear this morning and could see his tube. It's been on the way out for a while now but maybe last night it got to the point where it's causing him pain. We put some drops in this morning but maybe they can give us something stronger. Also, I hope the doc can remove the tube today if it's loose enough. Not sure how all that works. Will was going to spend the night with Mimi and Poppy last night but for their sake it's good that he didn't, as they would have been up all night with him.

UPDATE: Julie just called; he has an ear infection. A round of antibiotics should do the trick. Glad we went ahead and took him to the doctor instead of waiting 'til Monday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

2 at once!

We were brave yesterday and took BOTH boys in for check-ups Wednesday.  It was Wyatt’s 9 month check and Will’s 3 year check.  Both are doing great.  The doctor even discovered a molar coming in for Wyatt.  We suspected but he wouldn’t let us take a peak.  nothing very new or exciting, we were thankful for an uneventful drs appointment for a change. 

Wyatt is 23lb 6oz and 30.75 inches.  He’s off the charts for height and near the top for weight. 

Will is 30lb and 38 inches.  He’s grown 4 inches since last year!  I knew he’d grown a lot this winter but didn’t realize it was that much.  But his weight is pretty low considering.  He definitely needs to stay on 2% milk for awhile longer and definitely let him have as much as he wants (which isn’t a problem).  Maybe all those 2T shorts will fit eventually.

And guess who decided to pull up to standing tonight.  Wyatt can’t crawl yet, but he’s pulling up.  I happened to walk in the room and he was standing up and then fell right down.  He’s going to be a mess when he takes off.  I don’t think any of the baby proofing we did for Will is going to work this time around. 

2011-04-17 (11)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

60 minutes

2011-04-16 (21)

Today in 60 minutes things went from perfect to messy.

It started with a cough during his nap.  The cough led to gagging, which led to puking all over his blanket. It was pitiful. He was crying that he was “chooooosing” (choking).  Then in the middle of that he asked me to carry him downstairs. Huh? Don’t worry, I didn’t.  Then he cried “It’s not fun to throw up.  It hurts.  Can you go get Daddy?”  Daddy wasn’t home.

But it went from pitiful to messy 60 minutes later. Guess who tried to change their own diaper today?  And flung the contents all over his room while by trying wipe himself (he said he was helping).  Got it all over the sheets and carpet while using about 50 wipes.  And he was so distracted with wiping that he peed on the floor too.

Will immediately went into the tub and then I did want any sane woman would do (who was actually working a full day during this episode).  I opened the windows, turned on the fan and shut the door.  Figured I could handle it once I got off work.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who left a few minutes early, bought cleaning supplies for our cleaner and cleaned the mess up.  Luckily we haven’t had any more catastrophes today, there’s always tomorrow though.

Monday, April 18, 2011

first froggy

We spent the weekend working in the yard (it was waaaay overdue).  Will was thrilled to have a reason to use his new tools and search for “treasure”.  He was all about the rocks and ants.  Then he discovered worms and became obsessed but quickly ditched the worms…..

2011-04-16 (12)



for frogs!



2011-04-16 (33)


Will was giddy with excitement to hold his very first froggy!  And his amphibian-loving daddy was thrilled to share this new-found joy with his son.

Will was a bit disappointed when this frog leaped out of his hands back into the safety of the dirt.  Though I’m pretty sure the frog was relieved. 

2011-04-16 (46)


No fear, Will found a second frog after a few minutes and toted him around for a long time.  He held on so tight we were a bit concerned for his safety.  Chris rescued the poor frog and set him free. 

2011-04-16 (61)

It’s safe to say we have another frog-hunter in our house, let’s just keep the frogs outdoors - please.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {rocking chair}

I’ve talked about this red rocking chair before.  This chair was my grandmother’s and somehow it ended up in my room when I was little. It was the perfect size for me when I was small and when I got older it was perfect for my dolls.  I “borrowed” it from my Mom when Will was little and never took it back.  I’m praying it survives two wild boys!
It was time for Wyatt’s turn in the chair.  He was so distracted with Will running wild that I didn’t get a great picture, but they are still special.  It was a little bittersweet when I realized I didn’t need to print my Nana a copy.  She adored Will’s red chair pictures.
2011-04-10 (138)2011-04-10 (242)
And for fun, here are Will’s chair pictures. 
2008-10-13 (88)2008-10-13 (31)

And for even more fun… is my red chair picture.
All this chair talk reminds me of the other rocking chair we have upstairs in Wyatt’s room.  MY rocking chair that my Daddy made me when I was little.  Will loves to rock in it now (and stand up and rock, a big no no).  I’ll have to work on pictures in that one as well.
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Sunday Snapshot

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wyatt {9 months}

2011-04-05 (48)
Go ahead and tell me how much he looks like Chris….I hear it all.the.time.
This is a bit late, but Wyatt is 9 months now!  His check up isn’t till next week but at home he’s weighing 24lbs!  And is 29 inches long.  He continues to gain and gain.  I think he’ll slow down once he starts walking.  I hope so, there are a lot of clothes in the closet that are a bit snug for this summer.  He is wearing size 4 diapers, but 5’s at night.  (Will wears 5’s!)  His clothes are all 12-18 months but expect him to wear 18-24 before the summer is finished.  (So strange to be unpacking clothes Will wore just last summer for Wyatt to wear this year.)
He’s still not sleeping through the night.  He is seriously hungry in the middle of the night.  Sometimes twice a night.  We have discovered sometimes he just wants a diaper change.  We did get 2 nights in a row of sleep, that was wonderful for everyone!  He now has 8 teeth, 4 on top and bottom.  He’s still teething too.  Molars, I suspect.  He’ll sleep through the night someday, right?
2011-04-10 (17)Wyatt is still not crawling though he does scoot backwards a lot.  He gets really mad the further away he gets.  He’s also trying to pull up so he may still skip crawling.  He’ll bounce forever in the jumper and can stand up if you help him, but you have to make him do it sometimes.  I haven’t quite figured him out just yet.  He definitely is doing things his own way.
Wyatt’s super grin that only Will brings out. 2011-04-10 (54)
Wyatt has earned the nickname “grabby” at school.  We call him “handsy”.  You cannot have anything within his reach, he will grab it and throw it or put it in his mouth.  It’s like he was born to be the little brother, imagine all the things he’s going to take from Will through the years.  The worst is that there’s a picture on the wall at school of Wyatt and another baby and Wyatt has the kids bib in his hand and it looks like he’s dragging across the floor.  Proud moment!
Wyatt still is only eating yellow and orange foods.  We’ve tried cheerios but he can’t get them to his mouth.  And if we help him he just spits it out.  Looks like he’s in no hurry in the food department. 
We’ll see what new happens next month….
2011-04-10 (11)Collages2

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what form!


I started playing when I was 4 on the Honeybees with my cousins.  (I should post a picture, I was taller than any of the other girls by at least 2 feet.) I played through middle school and took a break for a few years only to start playing church ball in high school and continued to play until well after I was married.  I want to say I officially retired about 5 years ago.  So I’ve probably played for at least half my life.  So it is fully understood that my boys will at least play for a few years and hopefully they will fall in love with the game as well.

Will’s got a t-ball set for his birthday.  Chris showed him a few times how to hold the bat and swing and then he was able to do it on his own.  We’re still not sure if he’s a lefty or righty (he switches a lot) but he, surprisingly, has pretty good hand-eye coordination and had a few good hits.  His favorite part was chasing after the ball when he hit it. 

2011-04-09 (83)

2011-04-09 (105)

2011-04-09 (119)


Wyatt didn’t want to be left out, he gummed the ball plenty of times!

2011-04-10 (278)

Monday, April 11, 2011

party, party, party {Wilson’s 3rd}

2011-04-07 (91)

Will & I went to the zoo Thursday (birthday) morning.  He insisted on bringing his animal “field guide” with him.  You can see him clutching it while he’s standing next to the monkey.  He carried it the entire time.  He seems to be more into the statues than the real animals.  We spent the most time at the Macaw’s exhibit and at the leopard exhibit.  Except that the leopard wasn’t out.  Will’s fascination with the leopard exhibit is that the viewing area is in an old train.  He played in that train forever and then kept asking to go back.  I finally told him we had to leave, it was too hot to be playing in a closed up train.  As we were leaving Will experienced a first, his first carousel ride. He choose to ride the giraffe, cause it’s his “best animal”.  He seemed to love it until the end when he was ready to get off, I was afraid he was going to jump, thankfully I talked him into staying on for a few more minutes.

2011-04 April2

We met Chris at work for lunch in the cafeteria.  Will loved his fries and ketchup.  Then Will asked to see Chris’s office so we went and said hello to Chris’s co-workers.  Will was hot and exhausted so we didn’t stay long. 

After naptime we went outside and played with some new bubbles and chalk until Chris got home. 

2011-04 April1

Mimi & Poppy came over and brought pizza for dinner.  Naturally this was the day Will decided he no longer liked pizza so he had beans and rice (surprise, surprise).  After dinner we dined on cookie cake and Will was sooo excited.  Each time that we sung to him this week he got sooo bashful, it was funny.2011-04-007 (12)2011-04 April3

Saturday was his family party at the park.  willcopyWe had a lot of fun visiting and playing on the playground.  Will received so many nice gifts and has already played with every single one!  Thanks to everyone who came out.

The noise makers were a huge hit with all the kids!

2011-04 April4

So that was Will’s 3rd birthday.   Now the countdown can start for Wyatt’s birthday….3 months!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

video time (again)...

here's a slew of random clips from March....  have a great rest of the weekend!

Sunday Snapshot {Family Day}

3 years ago today on April 10th we met Will for the first time, and brought him home.  We received the call on the 9th and had 24 hours to prepare and wait to meet this teeny tiny baby. 
766176153_2008-04-10 (39) (1)IMG_4737
We haven’t quite figured out how we want to celebrate this day yet.  I think the first year we went to the zoo. And I have no clue what we did last year, I actually think Will was sick the day of.  Hopefully going forward I can remember to blog about our family day. But today we were so worn out from this week’s festivities that we mostly stayed at home.  We did go out today to support another family that we love by going to the Cystic Fibrosis walk but that was all we did.  We did talk with Will about this special day.  And his usual response these days is “yeah, you prayed and prayed for me at the barn”.  (we think we’ve figured out how the barn factors in but I have to look at his picture book to confirm my guess.) I think in the future we may celebrate by going out to dinner, maybe with just Will.  Or we’ll celebrate how ever Will wants to, which may mean not at all some years.
We haven’t had a chance to take a family picture today so here is my favorite picture of the 3 of us in 2008.

Sunday Snapshot

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Thursday, April 07, 2011



Today Mister Wilson is officially 3.  Also today Wyatt is 9 months, but today it’s all about W, Sr (or W1).  Will & I are going to spend the day together.  Or as Will says it “all alone just Mommy & Will and maybe Daddy”.  We’re going to head to the zoo and then to see Daddy at work, and perhaps lunch if we can time it right.  We’ll have Will’s favorite for dinner, pizza and a cookie cake (we’ll see if he eats it).  We have balloons, special Deigo plates and a sparkly hat and, of course, candles.  Friday we will have cupcakes at school and then the big party on Saturday with our families.  That’s 3 straight days of cake, that’s a bit much for even me.  And Sunday is our Family Day (the day we first met Will).  We have plenty to celebrate around here this week!

I need to do a “new this week/month” for Will, perhaps later this week. He says/does/likes a lot of new stuff these days, I don’t want to forget any of it. 

Happy Birthday Mister Wilson!!!


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

“I’ll be 3 on my birthday”

When you ask Mister Wilson how old he is he says “I’ll be 3 on my birthday”.  He says the entire sentence every single time.  I’m a bit worried what he’s going to do come Thursday when he’s just “3”. 

The cake debate continues, pink, yellow, blue, white.  Dinosaurs, Tractors, Diego, Ponies.  At this point I think he’ll be fine with whatever.  It’s not like he likes cake anyway.  Chris said we should just get a stack of biscuits or waffles and put a candle on it…..he’d think that was the best thing ever!

I think his birthday will always be a bit bittersweet for many reasons but selfishly because 3 years ago Thursday I didn’t even know he existed.  And I wonder what it was like that day he was born.  I’m pretty sure he felt love that day and I believe his birth family celebrated his arrival.  I just can’t believe that we were at work, just a few blocks away, those 3 days he was in the hospital. 

These 3 years have flown by!  Each year he changes so much but I am so amazed at what a change has occurred from year 2 to 3.  He went from toddler to little boy.  He grew a lot of ways this last year!


2009-05-04 (19)

2010-04-04 Easter (47)

2011-03-12 (304)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

a tisket, a tasket, put your brother in a basket

2011-04 April

I’d say Mister Wilson had some help with this one.  Not sure what happened, but I just found these pics on my memory card from last week.  Clearly Wyatt enjoys basket time.  I can only imagine that this is the first of many situations Will talks Wyatt into.

Monday, April 04, 2011

a great Sunday!

We had a great day. It was a super way to spend some time together.

We had a great day. The very best day. And nothing could be better.

That song is always stuck in my head, it’s from one of Will’s shows, but it sums today up.

We FINALLY had Wyatt’s dedication today.  And we are so thankful for our family that showed up this morning to support us.  And Wyatt was in a good mood this morning even though he missed his morning nap, but the good news is that he was WELL, though pretty snotty. 

2011-04-03 (5)2011-04-03 (27)2011-04-03 (32)

After lunch and naps we headed downtown for a picnic with friends and some sliding on the playground slides and cardboard sledding down the big hill.  Will had a great time and was exhausted by the time we got in the car.  He could hardly put together a sentence but he did manage to say “I want to go back to that downtown again, after we go to sleep tonight, okay?”  Hopefully we can get back down there soon.

Wyatt got a lot of attention too. See Will hovering in the background, he wasn’t sure what to think about Scarlett holding Wyatt.

2011-04-03 (79)

Scarlett perfects the stand up slide

2011-04-03 (92)

Will & cousin Cash race to the bottom.  Notice Will’s hanging tongue technique.

2011-04-03 (105)

Uncle David gets some help

2011-04-03 (121)

Wyatt watches the fun from up top….some day he’ll be big enough

2011-04-03 (147)

In case you are curious, this hill is known for “sledding”.  No need to bring your own cardboard, plenty there to go around.







Friday, April 01, 2011

Here you go!

Click here to see Will getting his mohawk!!!

Mo-, what?!?

Last night after coming home from daycare, Will kept going on and on about how he wanted a "mo-ha." Unsure of what he was trying to say, we resorted to looking through his books and surfing thru his kids' channels to see if he would make the connection, and in turn, help us understand. At last, we made the connection, and I'm kind of wishing we did not. One of "his" shows features about 4 or 5 kids that play in a 'band.' And one of them happens to have a mohawk. So, "mo-ha" = "mohawk." And Will wants one, and is adamant about it. Julie and I talked about it and decided it was probably best to go ahead and let him have one while he's this little, as opposed to when he's a few years older. So, long-story-short, the first place we're going this afternoon after I pick him up from daycare will be the barbershop. I'm kind of excited but a little bit scared at how it will turn out. We shall see, and so shall you, as I'm bringing my video camera with me. Stay tuned...