Wednesday, March 23, 2011

when do you correct someone?

It’s the old question… tell or not to tell…..Do you tell someone they have food stuck in their teeth? Or that their zippers undone?  That they have something hanging out of their nose?

Now we have a similar situation but at school….and it’s dealing with a more sensitive subject. 

One of the more friendlier moms is taken with Will.  She is always stopping Chris and gushing over Will.  Then one day she commented that he must look like his mom because he looks nothing like you.  Chris was kinda surprised with the comment and didn’t say anything.  On and off for months she has said this, then she started saying she wanted to adopt Will because he looks just like her boys.  I finally met her a few weeks ago and she gushed to me how adorable she thinks Will is and how she enjoys seeing him in the hallway every day.  She is super friendly. She didn’t mention wanting to adopt him to me, just that she wanted to take him home with her. 

Chris and I have talked repeatedly about his conversations with her and what, if anything, we should say.  This is truly a non-issue for us and don’t feel compelled to say anything to her.  But it’s just one of those things……when someone says they want to “adopt” your child… you tell or not tell? 

I was hoping we’d see her at the school program since all the grandparents were there.  Will and those brown eyes next to 6  sets of light eyed family members in a row.  She would be so confused.

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Ladybugsmom said...

You know what is funny I know Wills' story and really to me he is just so "you all" and I think sometimes I know I do...because I know more take a comment differently and perhaps want to say something to protect the girls, but if they weren't adopted it wouldn't really faze me...on the other hand I am just sensitive to people saying I could just take them, do people ask to take them it is a fine line to know when to speak up or just smile and go on...sometimes if we think long enough we can come up with something clever to say...where it isn't awkward...let me know when you figure out what that is...funny enough people say Ellie Lu looks just like Mel in front of her and him and all the time...come on folks...really what is that supposed to mean...we mostly just laugh she does resemble him...but uhhhh someone even said where was Mel in Dec 2006...come on