Thursday, February 17, 2011

today’s random thoughts

When was the last time you saw a picture of a cat or dog on here…..the blog name doesn’t hold much weight these days.

Will knows his right and left.  He usually calls them out (correctly) when we’re driving.  Tonight he showed me his right eye and left eye.  I’m amazed by this skill, but that’s probably because I’m dyslexic and have days where I have to stop and really think about which is right and left (I make for a fun co-pilot in the car). 

Here are some random outtakes from the Valentine’s pictures from earlier this week. 

2011-02 Feb1


Tina Michelle said...

Such a smart kid! We are working on left and right here. It is a fun thing to work on with kids and see how their little minds work. Lovin the outtakes!

Kristi said...

I share your issues with the right/left thing. My oldest has solved it by dubbing the directions "my sucking thumb side" and "the other side"...
And those pictures of Will? Oh my word ADORABLE!!!