Monday, February 28, 2011

everybody rides!

After months of looking for the( used) sit/stand stroller I wanted I finally caved and bought one.  Now Will AND Wyatt can ride at the same time.  We have a side by side stroller but Will won’t sit still long enough to be buckled into it so this one makes more sense.  Will thought it was great fun to ride on the back and Wyatt seemed to enjoy it too.  Now we need to go somewhere fun to break it in!

2011-02-26 (3)2011-02-26 (16)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

what kind of party do you want?

2011-02-13 (59)

I’ve asked Will repeatedly over the last week what kind of party he wants for his birthday.  So far he’s consistently answered “a round cake like a circle”.  When I ask what color cake he says “pink and white inside”.  Lovely.  One day he changed the color to orange but quickly went back to pink.  I’ve named every character from his favorite shows and he wants nothing to do with them.  He did briefly settle on a “shapes” theme saying he wanted squares and triangles and circles.  And he said “see that octagon, I have an idea”.  Sadly, he never elaborated and the next day refused the idea of a shapes party.  For two days now he’s said a “tractor and dump truck party with a pink cake”.

Think this is what he had in mind?

I guess I should worry about the place, time, etc before I get worked up on the pink cake.  I am way behind in planning his party this year.  Maybe next week (I’ve been saying that for a month now).

two chairs, one frog, and a plan...

upon further review

Apparently we weren’t looking close enough…..tooth # 6 is coming in.  He was so wiggly but I think I also saw #7.  Wyatt has 4, maybe 5, teeth coming in at once.  Oh my word.

2011-02-19a (30)

Friday, February 25, 2011

a toothy grin

Well, Wyatt likes to really go all out when he does stuff.  On the tale end of that double ear infection he decided to pop in a few teeth.  3 to be exact.  This makes #3, #4, #5.  He has 2 on top and 3 on bottom.  You can kinda see the whites gleaming in this picture.  He’s not overly excited about these teeth and he’s certainly letting everyone know just how unpleasant teething is.  Hopefully we’re almost through the worst part of it now.


And this is Wyatt’s new smile.  He has always done a nose scrunch with his smile, but now he’s doing a mega scrunch and closing his eyes.  Cracks us up.  (Though he goes from this to tears in an instant back to this…..hard to keep up with him)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

bath time!

busy weekend!

It felt great to be out and about doing normal weekend things.  Of course, that meant naps were messed up but considering we’ve been home bound for 6 months one weekend  it was an okay trade. 

We started Saturday with Will’s haircut and then out out lunch and a quick visit to the park.   Will loves to visit the “helicopter on a stick” monument.  He asked for me to take his picture by the star….only because he saw another boy doing it. 

2011-02-19b (11)


Sunday we all made it church (yay!).  Afterwards we headed “in town” aka downtown on a Will-date to see Mickey’s magic show.  Will was pretty excited to see his “friends” up on stage.  We were a little nervous since the show started at naptime, but Will did great!  He wasn’t as vocally excited as I thought he would be but he did seem to enjoy himself and smiled really big when his “friends” first showed up on stage.  The show itself was pretty boring so I’m surprised he was content as long as he was.  Will lasted about 90 minutes and then he said he said he was ready to go.  And he was asleep the second we got on the freeway.

Even more impressive….we only managed to spend $9 at the show-two drinks and M&M’s.  We had planned on buying him some twirly, blinking light, battery eating toy but he didn’t really seem to care about them.

OH, and on the way home we saw Ty Pennington walking around downtown.  Extreme Home Makeover was in town last week and I guess he’s still around, very cool.

Here’s to a great week!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {“friends”}

If you hear Will talking about his “Friends” he’s more than likely talking about Frog, Cookie, Bunny and Dora.  Will’s friend list started with Frog but then Cookie was soon added (oddly enough he’s not a fan of Sesame Street).  And for almost 3 years it’s been just the two “friends”.  He slept with them every night and wanted them whenever he was feeling bad.  Then after Christmas he added Wyatt’s bunny (pink is Will’s favorite color).  Then I discovered a Dora doll in the closet and given Will’s current obsession with her I showed her to him and he was smitten.  He even takes Dora in the car for the ride to school (Cookie & Frog are not allowed to leave the house except for overnight trips).  Even though he has added 2 new friends he still reaches for the original 2 in the middle of the night.  And you can often see him clutching just Frog on the monitor at night.  But in the mornings he carries all 4 down and snuggles with them on the couch while he drinks his milk. 
I think it’s sweet that he loves his “friends” so much.   I know Frog  & Cookie will hold a soft spot in this house for a very long time.
**I just remembered we use to call Frog & Cookie his "People". I guess since there are more than 2 they are all "Friends" now.


Ni Hao Yall

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lost Dog?

According to Julie's recent post, its been quite a while since you've seen a dog or cat picture on the blog. She's right. So, today I'm making up for that. Here's a few taken today during & after Gus's bath...

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Friday, February 18, 2011

a calm friday night...

tub time

Look who started taking a bath with Brother this week.  Wyatt splashes like crazy, enough to bother Will who does enough splashing on his own.  Will seemed okay to share the tub, though he doesn’t like that the water isn’t very deep these days.  And the best part, Will asked if Wyatt was there to play with him.  We said yes and he seemed excited.  He’s starting to come around to this brother stuff.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

today’s random thoughts

When was the last time you saw a picture of a cat or dog on here…..the blog name doesn’t hold much weight these days.

Will knows his right and left.  He usually calls them out (correctly) when we’re driving.  Tonight he showed me his right eye and left eye.  I’m amazed by this skill, but that’s probably because I’m dyslexic and have days where I have to stop and really think about which is right and left (I make for a fun co-pilot in the car). 

Here are some random outtakes from the Valentine’s pictures from earlier this week. 

2011-02 Feb1

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I’ll do whatever it takes…..

We spent a lot of time outside this past weekend playing and working.  Will helped Chris work on some projects……

2011-02-12 (7)

….while I took some pictures of Wyatt…..

2011-02 Feb2

Then Will got jealous and decided he wanted his picture taken.  I didn’t realize the key to getting your camera phobic child to pose was to take pictures of the baby…..I definitely will be using this trick more often.

2011-02 Feb3

Turns out these are some of my favorites of Will.  His real smile is hard to capture these days……love it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Day!

We started out the day in their matching tie shirts.  Both boys looked very handsome!  Will came home with a bag of goodies from school.  And for about 2 seconds I felt guilty for only sending valentine’s in for Will to give out…..his friends gave him all sorts of goodies – cars, bubbles, play-doh, candy, etc.  I’m just going to stick with cards as long as possible.  Will & Wyatt did take their teachers some homemade sweets.  And at home Wyatt and Will celebrated Valentines with lots of cards, books, stickers and candy.  Will even brought home some tulips for me (courtesy of Daddy).  We ended the night with dinner and chocolate cake!  Will skipped the cake in favor of a sucker, I cannot believe he passed up cake with sprinkles! Hope everyone enjoyed their heart day.

2011-02 Feb

BE Mine


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Sunday, Sunday}

Every Sunday for 10+ years Chris & I have had Sunday lunch at my Mom & Dad’s.  And every Sunday we have grilled hamburgers.  There is something comforting about having the same thing every week plus my Daddy makes the best burgers!  (Will has a veggie burger, he’s funny like that.)  And after we finish eating we head outside to play.  We only stay inside when it’s extremely cold or hot or wet.  Today, thankfully, it was warm and sunny so out we went.

Will has the best time playing outside especially since most of his ride-on toys are at Mimi & Poppy’s. He talks someone into pushing, pulling, carrying or chasing him all around the yard.  Lately he’s been in a phase where he just wants to line them up and hop from one seat to another. 


After Poppy or Daddy has taken him to check all the bird houses and picked a million flowers  he always talks his way into a golf cart ride.  He’s learning to steer so watch out if you see him zooming by.


I loved our Sunday tradition pre-Will. 

And I love how Will has changed it up for us. 

I can’t wait to see how it changes once Wyatt joins in the fun.



This is my first Sunday Snapshot, I haven been wanting to participate for awhile….I LOVE reading everyone’s snapshot and I love the idea of capturing a moment that I normally don’t take the time to write about.  I hope to do this more often.

Ni Hao Yall
Wondering what Sunday Snapshot is? Visit Stefanie at NiHaoY'all for the details.
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oh no, not the sun!

mean-ole-momma….i made Wyatt goes outside and enjoy some much needed sunshine.  wyatt’s teething, has a double ear infection and a nasty cough.  it’s been a long, sleepless week.  we all needed to see the sun today.

the whole time we were outside Will asked if it was going to snow or if it was still snowing (we still have snow in shady spots) .  thankfully the answer to both is NO, at least for this week!


Friday, February 11, 2011

I don't recommend working on two hours' sleep.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guess who…

Guess who’s potty-trained enough to move up to the next class?!  Mister Wilson will start transitioning into his new class next week.  He is finally potty-trained enough to move on.    He is still having accidents (usually involving #2), almost daily, but they think he’ll want to be like the big kids in the new class and will start going on the potty only.  Let’s not talk about the progress, rather lack-of progress, at home. ….

2011-02-05 (486)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wyatt {7 months}


2011-02 Feb

Little Mister is 7 months old!  Wyatt has definitely left the baby baby stage and is now an active baby.  He’s now sitting up.  He went from laying down to sitting up overnight.  He didn’t even wobble, he just planted himself and he stuck.  He is SOOO much happier now that he’s sitting up.  He’s actually content now.  But he still hates being on his stomach so I really think he’s going to avoid crawling when the time comes. 

Wyatt is eating like crazy too.  He likes pears and bananas.  And squash, carrots and sweet potatoes are a hit too.  We’ve tried avocado's too.  I just can’t keep enough in the house between Chris & Will, they’re going to have to learn to share.  Green beans are good but too many seem to cause lots of grunting.  Apples apparently don’t agree with him either.  And rice is definitely out.  I’m worried what we will do in a few months when he starts all the combo foods….they all have apples or rice in them.

Wyatt weights about 21lbs now.  We go to the GI dr in a few weeks for a checkup so we’ll see how much he officially weighs then. Still wearing size 3 diapers but we’re up to size 4’s at night.  His 6-12 month clothes are pretty snug now.  He’s still wearing mostly 9’s but we are in some 12’s also (top and bottom). 

He’s still not sleeping thru the night yet.  Last week he slept 4 nights!  It was wonderful.  If he can get a 2 hour nap he’ll sleep all night.  Thankfully he does that at daycare now.  But this week he is teething and has a cold so we’re back to being up 2+ times a night.  I’m hoping things will change when he’s well again.

2011-01 Jan3


2011-02-05 (230) 7 mons wyatt monthly pics3

Mr. Wilson doing the "Crazy Shake"

Monday, February 07, 2011

7 months

Wyatt is 7 months old today!!!  I completely forgot to write my 7 month update…..hopefully I can do that tomorrow.  Until then, here’s a sneak peak.


Saturday, February 05, 2011

GOOD MORNING, Mister Wilson!

Will is a morning person.  And that’s putting it mildly. I AM NOT a morning person, and that is putting it mildly.

Will wakes up talking in complete sentences.  I do not like to speak that early in the morning.

This morning, at 6:30,  it went something like this:

Will - Morning Mommy.   Are you home now? (I was out to dinner last night and didn’t see him before bed)

Will -Do you see my workbench over there? We build stuff with that. I have one at school too.  Do you want to build something with me?  Me – No.  Let’s change your diaper.

Will – Oh, okay.  Is my diaper wet?  I need a new one.  I have monster trucks.  Do you want to see?  There are red ones, and yellow ones, and silver ones.  They have BIG shiny round wheels.  Big and round.  Have you seen them?  Do you want to play trucks? Me – No.  Let’s go see Daddy.

Will – Oh, look, there’s Gussy.  Isn’t he funny?  What’s he doing?  Gus is also a morning person. HI DADDY!  Are you still sleeping?  What are you doing?  Oh, let me down there. Look at Gussy, what does he want? Will rolls all over our bed waking Chris up.  Look Daddy, look at Gussy.  SIT Gussy.  Sit, sit, sit, sit.  Oh, look, there’s my guitar.  Do you want to hear some “mugic”?  He also finds his triangle and plays that for us, lovely. Oh, Let me turn some “mugic” on.  turns on the alarm clock Oh, let’s look and see what Wyatt’s doing. turns on the monitor and then starts trying to make Gus sit.  Oh, I want some milk, can you get me some? 

Me- I’ll get your milk.  Don’t you want to watch some TV? 

Will- No.  Let’s go play trucks. 

Wyatt wakes up and I go get him up and changed.  Will seizes the opportunity to go upstairs and get those trucks out.  I bring Wyatt back downstairs so Chris can feed him.

Will – Mommy, can you come up here and play trucks with me?  I need you.  I go upstairs and am told what cars to play with.  I still am trying not to speak.  I tried to just use the lamp but Will insists on turning every light on. He chatters non-stop about cars and bugs and books and even suggests dancing (I quickly decline).  And we finally settle on reading some Thomas books.

All of this happens before 7:00 am this morning.  How did we get blessed with a morning person???  Thankfully Chris is normally a good morning person, but now that there’s 2 little people that need attention my mornings of leisure are a thing of the past.  Currently, Will is talking through the cat door down to Chris in the basement.  His face is pressed into the square and he’s chattering non-stop to Chris, who is on the computer.  Most of the conversation is Will repeatedly saying “Do you see me? I’m up here Daddy.” over and over and over.  It’s 9:00 now and Wyatt’s taking a nap, I think I might join him.  2011-01-22 (7)

Friday, February 04, 2011

New this week {Wilson}


I haven’t done a “what’s new” update on Will in awhile……..he’s what Will’s up to now that he’s almost 3!!!!

  • counts to 15 perfectly, and usually to 20.  can also count to 10 in spanish but sometimes misses a number or two but I’m too rusty to correct him.  He can also count backwards and occasionally will count in 10’s.
  • says all 26 letters of the alphabet.  but don’t ask him to say those or his numbers for you, he does not perform on demand.
  • easily (and correctly) recognizes numbers and letters out and about.  the grocery store is his favorite place to do that.  only one issue with M & W….he uses them interchangeably…..”that’s a M or a upside down W”.  And he calls M&M’s “W’s”…..guess those W shirts have caused some confusion.
  • still obsessed with books and puzzles.  he had 3 books in bed with him last night.  he tries to “read’ them in the dark with his night light.  and he sleeps with them tucked under his arm.  he now reads books to himself, even if we’ve never actually read the book before.  he just makes up the words and stories.  occasionally he’ll ask what it really says.
  • my name has changed form Momma to Mommy recently.
  • he’s started noticing when something is scary or mean.  we’ve spent a lot of time talking about mean words, mean people (Scar and the Grinch), scary events, etc.  sadly he now tells me who is mean to him at school and who scares him!  shocking part is that he now asks to watch the scary parts of movies (we usually FF thru them)….we let him watch the scary Scar parts, but not the part where his Daddy dies.


  • his #1 preferred meal is still rice, beans and avocado.  if I ask him what he wants for lunch/dinner he’ll usually request that. his #1 breakfast – waffles.  he’ll ask for them any time of day.
  • he drinks only 3 things: water, milk or lemonade.  occasionally he’ll ask for juice but it’s not often.
  • I think he’s going thru a growth spurt b/c 5 glasses of milk in a few hours is not unheard of. 
  • he’s starting to get picky.  he said he no longer likes noodles!  I keep serving mac and cheese and spaghetti but he usually will not eat them.  and he still prefers veggie/soy meats over real meat.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái

No Hands But Ours: the blog: Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái: "Chinese New Year begins today. It starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. From..."
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last of the littles

The other night rocking Wyatt to sleep for the umpteenth time I realized that this (all things considered) would be the last time I had a baby this young in our house to rock to sleep.  (though it’s more like rocking a one year old given his size…..).  I was sad for a few seconds and then very excited about all the new and fun things Wyatt is going to be doing soon. 

2011-01-22 (57)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

rubber-ducky you’re the one


Earlier this week Wyatt graduated to the rubber-ducky tub.  He cannot fit in the baby tub anymore and he’s super slippery in the sink so it was time for the yellow tub.  He seemed to enjoy it and towards the end started splashing and playing in the water.  Will used this tub for the longest but I imagine Wyatt will only stay in it a few weeks.  Once he’s less wobbly we’ll put him in the tub with Will.   I’m excited that we can now can consolidate baths, though I don’t think Will will share my excitement.

When Will came into the bathroom Wyatt got the goofiest grin, he LOVES watching his big brother.

2011-01-31 (82)


Oh my way to the bathroom with my camera Will stopped me and said “take my picture in this chair”.  Shocking since he’s not a fan of the camera, my guess is that he knew I was going to take Wyatt’s picture and wanted his turn.  Let the rivalry begin….2011-01-31 (2)