Sunday, January 30, 2011

behind, again

I’ve spent most of this week getting over a stomach bug.  Just in the last few hours I’ve decided I will, in fact, live.  It’s a good feeling.

These are from the last 7 days, I just haven’t had time to put words with them…..and I have learned if it’s not on the blog it certainly won’t ever make it to a real live scrapbook.


Last weekend Wyatt took his first spin on the playground.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Will did not enjoy sharing “his” swing with him.  I fibbed and told Will he no longer fit in it (the straps were too short and I didn’t want to adjust them…..)

2011-01-22 (20)

Mister finally sitting up by himself.  He can stay up for a few minutes without falling over.  Too bad he can’t get himself into sitting position yet.  (this was post-dinner, hence the sweet potatoes on his shirt)

2011-01-27 (34)

Will & Wyatt played in their little red chairs for a long time.  Well, Wyatt just sat there but Will moved his chair a 1000 ways in an effort to create a train. 

2011-01-27 (76)2011-01-27 (123)

Will makes his own fashion statement……he thought the boots and gloves completed his outfit.  It helps the gloves are his favorite color.


Wyatt makes a bird face when we first start eating.  His upper lip turns into a point as he anxiously waits for the first few bites. (When he’s had enough he blows out as soon as the spoon hits his lips, it’s fun for all.)DSC09300

Will is still obsessed with his animals that came with his boat and barn from Santa.  He likes to keep them all together. 


I’m sure our UPS man loves us.  This is what was on our front porch last week.  I’ve been taking advantage of a few really good deals at Am@zon lately. 


58 moves in 12 seconds

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

dance like no one is watching….

The saying might be about no one watching but Mister Wilson prefers you to watch AND join him.  In the last month or so we’ve developed a new nightly routine called “dance party”.  And Will says “Let’s turn the mugic on and do spins”.  He pulls you to your feet so you can watch him spin.  Everyone once in awhile he’ll ask you to do one with him but otherwise he’s content to spin alone.   They all involve an awkwardly posed leg and some flying arms and he prefers to end them by landing hard on the floor.  When he’s not spinning he does some nifty moves with his arms and legs and the occasional pointer finger.  As soon as I figure out how to disguise the video camera I’ll capture it all on video.  A warning to friends & family….he does not do spins on request, the mood has to strike him and it almost always has to be his idea.  Spins & Dance Party are often declared finished with a loud “It’s over” by Mister Will.  Once this happens there is no more dancing for the evening.  He’s very strict like that.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 biggies this week!

2011-01-27 (74)

Big week around here!  Will stayed dry all day at school on Tuesday in big boy underwear!  After giving up potty training attempts at home he went almost a week with being mostly dry in a pull-up at school. I talked to one of his teachers and said if they could get him trained that was fine with us but since he’s refusing at home we’re not ready to push him yet.  He’s due to move up classes at school but he has to be PT first.  His teachers were all for encouraging him and said to bring in underwear and a change of clothes and we’d see what happened.  I showed up Tuesday and he was wearing the same clothes I sent him in that day!   Great news and he was so proud.  Granted he refuses to go #2 in the potty, flat out refused so he held it at least a day and then ended up getting his underwear dirty.  One tiny setback.  I’ll settle for being trained school.  We’ll work on the home part later.


AND in Wyatt’s world – he started sitting up this week.   He had been kinda sitting up for awhile but his head just hung really low but this week he’s holding it up great and just sitting around.  He still doesn’t roll over much so I’m wondering now if he’s just going to skip crawling and start walking instead (obviously not any time soon).

This morning at daycare...

...Will was standing on the curb waiting for me to get Wyatt out of the car. A lady and her kids walked up to the door to go inside. Will walked right over to her and said, "I'm going to give you a hug," and proceeded to do so. The lady said, "Thanks, I like hugs!"

Monday, January 24, 2011

4 years

1,460 days later, we still wait.

So that would be a Yes, we are still adopting from China.   Our fingerprints expire in a few months so we will be re-doing them again.

And since I know a few of you are wondering….. Yes, we have considered special needs but we’re still talking and praying about it ….


Saturday, January 22, 2011

out of hibernation?

Just when we think we’ve turned the corner on Wyatt’s reflux/MSPI symptoms it flares back up.  Anything can cause a reflux flare up – colds and teething are the worst.  But shots at his check-up don’t help things.  Then there’s tummy time and sitting up which can all cause him to spit up which equals pain. I could write a million posts about all the different meds and thickners we’ve tried, the different bottles, etc., but I wouldn’t want you to fall asleep.  We saw slight improvement in Oct with the formula change but he has been uncomfortable since then.  In the last few weeks I think we finally got on the right track.  We had a few setbacks with his nasty cough last week but things still look better.

While spitting up doesn’t seem huge in the grand scheme of things and definitely can’t even be compared to kids who are truly sick with serious illnesses, it’s still painful to deal with….for everyone.  Holding your baby while he thrashes and screams for an hour after every bottle is hard.    He finally gets settled and napping only for it to be time to eat again.  And bless his heart, he’s hungry so he downs the next bottle only to start the cycle over again.  And after a few weeks/months he realizes that the bottle is causing his pain so he refuses to eat but is crying because he’s so hungry.  So you spend over an hour trying to coax him into taking at least 2-3 oz.  Then he cries for the hour afterwards, then you’re crying, then everyone falls asleep only to have to repeat the cycle every 3-4 hours all. day. long.  Oddly enough, the GI doctors don’t seem to be too sympathetic to this problem (which is a whole other post…..).  A few weeks ago we finally settled on the perfect combo of meds, thickners, bottles and he now peacefully downs a bottle in 15 minutes.   Huge improvement!  Though he still cries some between bottles it’s not for hours on end.  And if you just hold him upright, while standing, he’ll usually stop.  I feel like we’re FINALLY seeing the light at the end of this very long tunnel.  This means we might actually leave the house, all 4 of us at once!  Other than family dinners and doctors appointments, we have probably only gone out 10 times with Wyatt.  Who wants to go somewhere with the crying baby?!  We have friends we haven’t seen in 6 months…. our church probably thinks we’ve changed churches it’s been so long since we’ve attempted to go (why go if they’re going to call you back in 30 minutes because your child is  inconsolable)….thank goodness for work and daycare because I would be insane if I was staying at home full-time.  But I feel like we’re finally on the downhill side of things so hopefully we are coming out of hibernation and you will start seeing us out and about again.

Naptime for everyone…..


Thursday, January 20, 2011

old pictures

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here.  No sleep and a cold makes for a wild week, and that’s just me.  The boys are up to their normal….Wyatt’s slightly irritable and Will’s being stubborn.  Nothing new I guess…..

Here are some pictures from last week.  Will & I crafted last Saturday…he made a snowman out of marshmallows.  I think he enjoyed eating them more than making the snowman.   This first picture cracks me up.  He thought he was something that day.  And the sunglasses….he found those in a drawer on his way to the table.  He kept them on the whole time we were crafting.  He’s quirky like that.

2011-01-15 (14)2011-01-15 (17)

Wyatt has more than outgrown the baby tub, but isn’t sitting up well enough for the real tub just yet.  We’ve tried a sink bath a few times, he seems to like playing in the water.  I’m sure it won’t be long before he learns to splash.

2011-01-18 (18)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Out of the blue Will came down stairs with this baby doll.  He declared she needed a diaper or bottle or something.  He said he had to take care of her.  He put her in the baby swing and every few minutes announced she was crying or napping.  He’d use phrases we often use with him or Wyatt (it’s okay, go night-night, etc).  Then he grabbed an old bottle of Wyatt’s that was sitting out and fed her.  So I found an old bottle we are not using so he could feed her regularly.  I’m not sure what happened that made him decide to like Betsy, she has been in the playroom since day one.  She is an old doll of mine and Sunday decided it was time to break her in. We kept asking Will what her name was and he couldn’t decide.  It was Winnie (or something that sounded like that) for about 15 minutes and then her name was Betsy and that was that.  Thankfully, he doesn’t ask to sleep with her….. that would be one crowded bed.  Instead he leaves her in random spots that we’re not expecting and more than once we both have had to do a second glance to make sure she isn’t Wyatt.  The best was when we were trying to eat dinner and Wyatt was crying, Will was being difficult and Chris saw her in the activity center and briefly thought we had 3 children….he might have had a brief panic attack.  Apparently 2 babies and a 2 year old is too much to take on this week.

2011-01-14 (3)2011-01-14 (5)

Friday, January 14, 2011

6 months

Wyatt had his 6 month check up today.  He is now 20lbs, 28.5 inches and has a big ole head.  His height and head are off the charts (equal to an average 9.5 month old!!) and his weight is in the 97% percentile.  I think he grew 2.5 inches in the last 2 months.  The good news is that his weight is in proportion to his height.  So I guess we better stop calling him chunky now.  Wyatt got 4 shots and was declared “right on track”, though she did say he might be a bit lazy/stubborn on some things.  A few skills he attempts only if he’s in the mood.  Sounds a lot like Will!  We talked about his eating and reflux and she encouraged me to go ahead with the stage 2 foods since he’s so use to thick bottles, the runny stage 1 foods just make him mad.  She also said it was time to introduce the sippy cup, just to get him use to seeing/using it. (that sounds like such a big boy thing to do.) 

I thought a before and after picture was in order…..and since no one takes a (flattering) picture of me with my kids this one will have to do.

2010-05-05 (2)2011-01-12 (7)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

paci? binky? plug?

Not sure what you are suppose to call it.  I’ve been calling it a paci because “pacifier” is just too long and technical to say when you have a crying baby are desperately looking for a lost one.  We’ll see what Wyatt ends up calling it.  Whatever the name, looks like Wyatt is going to be a pacifier baby.  If he looses the paci he makes the sucking noise with his mouth till he gets it back.  I’ve read this is the ideal time to wean him from it if you want it to go easily but I hesitate since this is the one thing that can get him to fall back to sleep in a second…..very important at 1:00 am. 

Wyatt making his “where’s my paci” face.

2011-01-10 (210)e

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

where is that sun?

I asked Will this morning if he wanted to play in the snow again today.  He said “No, it was not a lot of fun for me”.   His choice of words always cracks me up.  We stayed in all day other than letting Gus go out for a second.  When we let Gus go out Will would declare it cold and beg to go back in.  Guess he’s not going to be moving up north when he grows up.

2011-01-10 (112)

Yes, this is a pumpkin leftover from Halloween.  And no, it was not rotten yet.  But Gus got ahold of the stem yesterday and has destroyed it.  I guess it was time.

It’s Christmas again!

That’s what Will said Monday morning when he saw the snow.  And without pause he said “I want my manger back!".  He has been mad that we packed it up with the Christmas stuff.

We got up around 1:00 to put Wyatt’s paci back in and it had started snowing and the yard was mostly white (I went to bed around 11:45 and it wasn’t snowing yet).  I got up again around 3:30 for Wyatt’s bottle and there was TONS of snow and it was still coming down.  Will woke up at 5:30 and it was still snowing.  We got our “lucky” phone call at 5:45 saying work was closed.  A true snow day for all of us!!!

We went out early and played for about 20 minutes.  That included one sled ride down the hill in the rubber ducky bath tub (which did not work very well).  Lots of digging with a sand shovel and falling a few times and getting cold.  It ended with “I’m all done with the snow.”  His big thing was going in and warming up by the fire.

Poppy & Mimi came by later with a sled. (Chris went out Sunday only to find everywhere was sold out of sleds) Will was all about dragging the sled up the hill but did not like riding it down the hill.  I think he couldn’t see very well but he also just wanted to pull the sled.  He was fine watching Poppy & Daddy sled but he was done.  (He also hadn’t had a nap, my fault, so he was extra ornery) So he got out his lawnmower and followed them around for a bit before waving his surrender flag and saying let’s go warm up by the fire.  Mimi asked if he had fun and he said “It’s not too much fun.” so we were done.  Poppy & Daddy sledded a little bit more (and apparently Gus jumped on at one point) and our snow day was over.  Will took a very long nap after that and never mentioned the snow again.  Wonder what he’ll think when the snow is still there in the morning?

Oh, and what about Wyatt?  We would decide to go outside and by the time we gathered all the clothes, gloves, coats, hats and got dressed he was already asleep.  So we carried the monitor out and listened for him.  He always woke up a few minutes after coming back inside.  So Wyatt didn’t really experience the snow.  But I did carry him outside for a quick photo op.  Otherwise, he spent the day inside rolling around on the floor.  He seemed to enjoy his snow day activities.

2011-01 Jan2

Sunday, January 09, 2011

christmas snow

Apparently we haven’t been watching the news enough….they are calling for 4-6 inches of snow Monday.  Most schools are closed already and we are just waiting on the call for Will & Wyatt’s school to close.  We won’t know about work till tomorrow morning.  We knew they were calling for flurries several times in the last week but didn’t catch that Sunday night/Monday are suppose to be big days….. Anyway, Chris went/called 3 places today to find a sled but they are all sold out (we saw them at the hardware store Friday but didn’t think we really needed one, oh well). 

Figured I better post snow pictures from the 26th before it’s too late! 

Will liked the snow but did not want to touch it.  Snow angels were definitely out of the question but he didn’t mind using his sand shovel to play in it.  I guess he thought the yard was one giant sandbox. 

2010-12-26 (3)

2010-12-26 (21)2010-12-26 (57)2010-12-26 (68)2010-12-26 (104)2010-12-26 (146)2010-12-26 (180)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Wyatt {6 months}

2011-01-07 (73)

Wyatt is 6 months old today! Seems like such a big age/milestone. He seems ready to start doing so many new things (rolling around, sitting up, etc). I think I said that last month too, but he was sick most of Dec with either a cold or with reflux issues. We have the reflux under control at the moment so let’s hope this helps him to learn a few new things. He’s already started rolling over and is about to roll from his back to belly any day. He started baby food last week and LOVES it. So far pears have been a hit and it looks like green beans are good too. In fact with green beans he started eating a whole jar at a sitting. Sweet Potatoes weren’t loved as much. We’ll try them again later.

Last week at the GI dr Wyatt weighed 19lb 12oz and was 27 inches long. At the dr this week for a sick visit he weighed 20lb 3 oz. I don’t think he’s slowing down weight wise. He is still wearing size 3 diapers. And is wearing size 6-9 months or 6-12 months in all his clothes. His 9 month PJ’s are getting way too small. He’s wearing some of Will’s hats, he has a big ole noggin.

He still hasn’t gone back to sleeping thru the night. The week or 2 before Christmas he was up every 2-3 hours (Christmas Eve was the worst). We’ve now got him only getting up around 1-2 and then sleeping till 6-7. Hopefully we can drop the 1:00 feeding soon. He is starting to take a regular 2 hr nap in the afternoon and takes a bunch of cat naps the rest of the day.

He has officially outgrown the bouncy seat. It’s so very sad. He doesn’t even look comfortable in it anymore. We still use it while we all are eating dinner and then we feed him his food in the chair (he’s not quite ready for the high chair yet). He still just likes the swing okay, thankfully he’s happy in it long enough for us to get ready in the mornings. He’s starting to use his activity center. He can almost sit in it properly and soon he’ll start bouncing. He can also sit in his bumpo seat for longer stretches. Hopefully his legs won’t outgrown it like Will’s did (his were too fat to fit in there). Will has become quite attached to his pacifier. Not sure how I feel about it, but I am glad to have something that easily makes him happy. He also loves a fuzzy blanket. His teachers said they have one little blanket that if he’s holding it and wakes up early from his nap he’ll grab the blanket and fall right back to sleep. I wish we could let him sleep with a blanket, maybe soon.

Wyatt still is an easy smiler. Just grin at him and he grins right back. Looks like he’s going to have blue eyes like his Daddy’s. So far his hair is still dark but he’s starting to get more of it, it’s already starting to hang over his ears. He is doing great moving his head around now. He still has an obvious flat spot on one side but his muscles seem to have stretched the right way.

Wyatt doesn’t like to be left alone, at all! He prefers to see someone at all times. But his favorite person to see is Will. He lights up when he finds him. When we desperate to get something done we can lay Wyatt on the play mat facing Will and turn the TV so Will will watch that…..everyone wins and we get a few minutes to get some work done.

2011-01-07 (28)

December was Wyatt’s first Christmas. And, unfortunately, his first stomach bug, cold and breathing treatments. Here’s to a fun January!

2011-01-07 Wyatt 6 monthswyatt monthly pics2

Thursday, January 06, 2011

random pictures

I have a bunch of random pictures to go back and post….just so that when I do my scrapbooking (ha ha, not sure when that will happen) I’ll at least remember I liked these pictures.

At Christmas in Chris’s family we just draw names between the kids for gifts.  There’s 11 kids and buying for each one was getting out of control so drawing names has been a great solution.  The best is when a “big” gets a “little”.  Hanna drew Wyatt’s name and picked out Wyatt’s present all by herself.  She choose some very cute clothes for him (and a matching shirt for Will).  Here’s Wyatt posing in one of his shirts from Hanna.

2010-12-27 (31)

2010-12-27 (49)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

happy Chris day

Today is Mister T’s birthday.  He has officially crossed over the mid-30 mark (while I’m still on the other side, ha ha).  It’s the crazy time at work so we weren’t sure when he’d be home.  But we did manage to eat together and have cake.  Will talked about his birthday candles all day and was so excited about the cake.  He kept telling Chris he was getting a pink cake (umm, nope), just Chris’s favorite – chocolate with chocolate icing right out of the fridge.

Happy Birthday Mister, we love you!

2011-01 Jan1

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

end of an era

We’re saying goodbye to the beloved elephant chairs.  These chairs have been well loved.  90% of our adoption research, paperwork and waiting have been done from these chairs (not to mention blogging).  Will spent many, many hours being feed, burped (and ultimately puking) in these chairs.  But as you can see my chair is ripped, on both sides (and if you’ve come to visit us in the last 6 months you’ve seen the blue blanket that covered the cushions, it’s quite the decorating statement).  The arms are frayed.  These chairs are well loved. 

Not sure why I’m blogging about this, but I have really loved these chairs.  They were our first major furniture purchase after we built our house and I’m little sad to be moving them out (they are going in the playroom).

Our two new replacements/Christmas presents arrive tomorrow.

(look at that poor cushion, all saggy)

4-365, 2011-01-04

Monday, January 03, 2011

rub a dub

My OB’s and the pediatrician both commented that we must grow big babies….guess they are right.

Wyatt has practically outgrown his baby tub….but he’s not sitting up well enough for a real bath yet.  Hopefully soon!

2011-01-03 (7)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sunday Summary {Will edition}

  • “Oh, I went pee pee over there” pointing to the air vent.  Yup, right in it.  Clearly our 7 straight days of potty training have paid off.
  • 5 minutes later he dumped baby powder all over the tub and bathroom drawers,we were both within 5 ft of him.  Not sure what went wrong there.
  • After discussing how cold it is outside (38) and how he’s already played outside today he cried and cried and cried “I just want to run ”.  I caved and we bundled up and played outside.  We were out there a few minutes when he asked me to turn the hose on so he could play in the water.  Guess he was toasty in his coat. 
  • While taking a bath he realized the water was draining out of the tub he looked at me and said “what’s wrong with this picture?”.  Seriously no clue where that phrase came from.2010-12-26 (3)

Will "testing out" one of Wyatt's gifts from Aunt Karen...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

flashback video clip...

I was looking thru some older videos tonight and came across this one from January 2009. Hard to believe this was two years ago... This is Will in his "heavy" phase....

roly poly

Wyatt finally rolled from front to back today!  He had a decent day today so I know that’s why he finally did something new.  He even looked like he might try rolling from back to front too.  Love he’s doing some new things.  Soon enough he will be sitting up.  I can’t wait!  (his reflux is suppose to get better once he can sit up).