Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 is coming to an end, finally

I used the app that creates a collage of  your 2010 f@cebook status’, mine was so bad I couldn’t even finish it.  First, I should admit I’m not a big user of FB (as you know I’m way too long winded to post on FB) but I do randomly post on there.  But re-reading the updates were pretty depressing.  To summarize it covered a few pregnancy highlights, the excitement of Wyatt’s arrival, several request for prayer for one or both of my grandparents and then announcing each of their passings.  The absolute highlight of 2010 was Mister Wyatt’s arrival, what a blessing.  But it was also a very stressful and sad year.   Stressing over the pregnancy, the physical toil it took on my body (not to be dramatic, but I am still recovering), caring for another baby with severe reflux and feeding issues and then everything with my grandparents…..well, I’m exhausted mentally and physically.  To say that I’m looking forward to 2011 is an understatement!  I am very excited about 2011, Wilson turns 3, oh my!  And Wyatt’s first birthday!  Oh how I pray that his first birthday brings him relief for a lot of his pain.  Here’s to a new calendar year full of potential and hopefully a lot of uplifting moments!

I realize this is very woe is me, especially considering the arrival of our second blessing, please don’t think I’m ungrateful, it’s just been a long year.  My perspective could also have something to do with being at home all week with a reluctant potty-trainer and baby who’s reflux is at an all-time high. 

Thanks for all our readers this year, thanks for all the prayers that have carried us through 2010.  Hope everyone has a wonderful 2011!

The last 2 pictures taken on this last day in 2010.



pass the peas please

I realize these are not the most stunning pictures you will see on this blog, but they are a big deal.  Mister Wyatt started baby food today.  After another unproductive visit to the GI doctor they gave us the go ahead to start on baby food.  Saying maybe this will solve our problems…. I’d rather our problems be solved but I am happy to start baby foods. 

Of course we have to be careful with allergies and stuff, just like Will, so lots of label reading and trying foods very carefully.  We’re started peas on Thursday.  We’ll see how it goes.

He also surprised me by grabbing his bottle half way thru and holding it himself.  We didn’t know he had acquired that talent just yet.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

I’m a doctor!

I’ve said this many times before, I never want Will to remember being told he was adopted.  Can’t you imagine the rest of his life thinking “was that before or after I knew I was adopted…”.  Anyway, we try to find ways to work it into the conversation whenever we see an opening.  Some weeks we talk about it a lot and some weeks we don’t talk about it at all.  We just try to make it a natural part of the conversation.  A few months ago I had a coupon for a freebie photo book, one of those little purse size ones with only 8-10 pages.  I made a very simple story out of Will’s adoption.  Basically There was a Boy & Girl who wanted a baby, There was a baby who needed a Mommy & Daddy and so on.  Just one picture per page with one sentence.  One of the lines was about us praying for a baby.  When we finished reading the book Will said to Chris “You prayed for me and waited?”.  Chris said yes and that was it.  The next day when I was putting Will to bed he reminded me that I prayed and waited for him.  And he didn’t bring it up again.  The last few weeks Will has been obsessed with his little animals and calling some Mommy and some baby.  One night Will mentioned that the baby grew in the Mommy’s pouch (I guess it was a kangaroo) and I mentioned that sometimes we don’t live in our Mommy’s pouches and said that Wyatt lived in my tummy but that Will didn’t.  He said “Right, I lived in Daddy’s.” Hmm, had to straighten that out.  So I said something about him being adopted and living in another lady’s tummy and brought up the praying and waiting.  And he said “Oh, yeah”.  I talked a bit more and asked if he wanted to look at his adoption book (the bigger/longer picture book I made), he said yes and grabbed it off the shelf.  We looked at the pictures of his birth mother and I told him again that he lived her in belly till we could come get him.  I then tried to explain adopted and forever families.  He seemed to hear what I was saying.  And he ended the conversation by proudly saying “I’m adopted”.  Except it sounded more like “I’m a doctor”.  Hopefully he doesn’t go around school telling everyone he’s a doctor! 

Baby steps…..

rare pictures!


2010-12-27 (59)

2010-12-27 (83)2010-12-27 (85)

thanks to Hanna for the cute matching shirts!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

longest Christmas story ever (with pics)

What a wonderful Christmas day we had.  Our first white Christmas in decades only added to the magic.

I have so much to say but I think bullet points and picture captions are the only way to make this as short as possible….(though most are not direct Will quotes)

  • We kept Will in the bedroom occupied with TV and milk while waiting on Mimi & Poppy (we only had to wait 5 mins).  Before we came out of the bedroom  I was reminding Will about the cookies and milk we had left and then asked him if he remembered who came to visit us last night and he yelled “Renee”.  Renee had come by for a visit on Friday, apparently she made quite the impression on Will.  I had to remind him that Santa also came to visit….. We walked into the den and he quietly looked all around.

Let’s see….a boat, a barn…everything I asked for.  Oh, and a workshop! (there were airplanes in the stocking)

2010-12-25 (13)2010-12-25 (16)

Oh, what did Wyatt get?  Toys with lots of buttons to push and carseat.  Hmm…….

2010-12-25 (24)

Wyatt, what did you get in your stocking?  A hat and a RABBIT?  Santa did listen! Wyatt also received several teething toys that may or may not have already been used by him.2010-12-25 (22)

Yay, wrapping paper!  Let me open EVERYONE’s presents for them!  Daddy, Mimi, Poppy let me show you what I got you!2010-12-25 (51)2010-12-25 (67)

  • We got Will several sets of play food.  He loves it.  (he already has a sushi set that is well loved).  I got him a variety pack and a build a burger.  He loves the burger.  He talks about it all the time…..”want some lettuce”, “want some pickles” and on and on.

2010-12-25 (32)

  • Will opened up his accordion from us and he was so excited he came up a few minutes later and thanked me for his “musical instrument”. 

Will LOVED his accordion.

2010-12-25 (44)

Gus is not a fan of the accordion.2010-12-25 (49)

Look Wyatt, another teething toy!  So far, this gift has been a hit!  We are loving the Sophie Giraffe.

2010-12-25 (61)

  • Will got one of those reading computer/toys from Mimi & Poppy.  And we got Wyatt a stuffed “laptop”.  Will quickly took it from him and showed him how to use it…..what a brother.

2010-12-25 (76)2010-12-25 (79)

  • Poppy took Will out front to show him a surprise (the snow).  When Will saw it he said “Oh, look, it’s Christmas Eve!”.  I think we’ve watched a few too many holiday specials this month, it always snows on Christmas Eve.
  • Later we went out to quickly play in the snow (hence the lack of a coat, gloves, hat).  Will loved it until he got hit with a snowball.  He’s not a fan of cold wet snow.  Snow angels are definitely out.

2010-12 Dec4

  • Mom and Dad left our house around 9 or so, by the time we needed to leave for lunch we discovered it was very icy, snowy, slick out.  We didn’t think we could get out of  the neighborhood without 4x4 so Dad graciously offered to come get us.  I would of loved staying home playing in the snow but didn’t want to miss our big family dinner.  I’m so glad he picked us up!

2010-12-25 (141)

  • Once at Mimi & Poppy’s there were a few more gifts for Will.  These were special gifts from Poppy.  A Mickey Mouse car and fishing rod (apparently they are best when used at the same time).  Sadly, the green dump truck was ignored.  The Mouse takes the top spot.

2010-12 Dec5

We had a wonderful dinner with Mom’s family and massive amounts of food was consumed and many gifts were exchanged.  Too much of both to take pictures.  Same with Chris’s family gathering later that night.  Our kids (and us) were beyond blessed with so many gifts.  We definitely were all spoiled, many thanks.

And just because this is funny. I was putting up toys later that night and putting like things with like things and spotted this massive stack of books.  Everyone knows Will so well.  He was beyond spoiled with books and puzzles this year.  His top 2 favorite toys! We have read all the books and worked all of the puzzles, many many times! 

Thanks for giving us a few of our favorite things!

2010-12-25 (213)

Christmas Eve cookies

At the very last minute we found time to make Santa’s cookies.  I let go of my must-be-from-scratch rule in order to actually enjoy the moment and let Will have fun.  I’ve let him use sprinkles before so he was so excited to get them all to himself again.  He played and played and played.  And then he took a big ole bite of sprinkles and instantly regretted it.  And the cookie decorating ended. 

We then watched all our Christmas movies, talked up Santa and headed to bed.

2010-12 Dec3


2010-12-24 (48)

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm starting to think Wyatt is nocturnal...

...and he's doing his best to convert us.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

a white christmas


Hope you all had a very merry Christmas, white or otherwise.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

tis the season…..

2010-12-19 (16)

When you have a 2 year old it’s impossible to keep your 5 month old from watching too.

2010-12-19 (23)

Will has started watching TV like this, on the floor on his belly, seems like such a big boy thing to do.

Will has watched every Christmas show, movie or special that has come on.  Our DVR is full of shows and he has watched them all repeatedly.  Of course all the ones we were excited to share with him he didn’t like! But he has found a few that he loves.  The Grinch being his obvious favorite.  Along with all the holiday episodes from his favorite shows (Mickey, Wonder Pets, Super Wy).

What he’s enjoying even more is Christmas music!  He, of course, has his own playlist on our ipods.  Here are his “most played”:

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch   
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer    Jewel
It's Christmas Don't Be Late    Chipmunks
Over The River And Through The Woods    Chipmunks
Up On The House Top    Chipmunks
We Wish You a Merry Christmas    John Denver & the Muppets
Deck the Halls    John Denver & the Muppets
Christmas is Coming    John Denver & the Muppets
Twelve Days of Christmas    John Denver & the Muppets
Noel    Selah

It’s a bit heavy on the Muppets (or Muffets as Will calls them).  But he can sing word for word most of these songs.  Oh, and Jingle Bells is a favorite but not on my ipod.  Our favorite one is Will singing 12 days of Christmas.  He gets about half the words right but he always asks on day 5 “Is that Miss Piggy?” and then sings right along.  I tried videoing it, but he has become video camera shy so until I find a disguise for the camera you’ll have to take my word for it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

you are welcome

For the 5 of you that might read this on your phones, I updated the blog to be more mobile compatible.  Merry Christmas :)

….you better be good for goodness sake!

2010-12-13 (5)

Will wrote a letter to Santa last week.  He dictated to Chris that he wanted a barn and a boat and that Wyatt wanted a bunny rabbit.  We put the letter in our Santa mailbox and sent it off to the North Pole.  The next morning we checked the mailbox and it was gone!  Will was so excited.  He has since added that he wants a red airplane and a yellow airplane.   But if you ask him what he asked Santa for he will always tell you a barn, boat, airplane and a bunny rabbit for Wyatt.  We’ll have to see what Santa brings.  I’m hoping he won’t be bringing a live bunny rabbit!

This is Will “helping” me wrap presents…..

2010-12 Dec2

Saturday, December 18, 2010

let it snow, maybe a little bit more

2010-12-12 (16)

It has been an interesting week!  Monday was the first snow day (ever) for both boys.  Our daycare/school is wonderful about staying open if possible but I guess Monday’s “event” was just too much.   Sunday it snowed and Monday it was icy out.  Work was even delayed 2 hours (we work at the same place) so Chris decided to make a day of it and stay home with W & W while I worked.   Sunday Will had fun playing out in the snow until he realized snow was cold.  The snow fun was short lived but we did stay inside the whole time.  Poor Will is dying to get outside on his playground. He asks almost daily if he can go out and play, hopefully we will have a warmish weekend sooner than later.

2010-12-12 (6)

ho, ho, ho


Here is the picture from school when Will (& Wyatt) went to see ho-ho.  I was surprised that Will is smiling and it’s not a bad picture at all!

I have a picture of Will’s letter to ho-ho, I’ll post it in a bit.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

do you have a corncob pipe and button nose?

We were in the drugstore tonight and a woman came in wearing a white coat, with black buttons and a red scarf.  But before I saw her I heard Will say there's a snowman, look there's a snowman, do you see that snowman?  Here she comes, here she comes, here comes the snowman.  She has black buttons and a scarf! And as she walked past us, Will sadly said "oh, she's not a snowman".  (I should point out that the woman was a very petite woman….)


our holiday {dessert} tradition

Rumor is my Nana use to cook.  Not that I ever experienced any of it.  I grew up during her non-cooking decades so all I can tell you is what restaurants she went to on what days for certain meals.  I do know that she made fried okra that everyone fought over during the holidays (my Aunt Karen took over the duties several years ago).  And apparently she made the “good” kind of fruit cake (my mom and Aunt swear only hers was/is good).  But like I said, I never witnessed any of her cooking.  But she did love to “take” cooking/food magazines (take is her word for subscribe, not steal).  And whenever Mom would leave her house she would come home with a bag of magazines for us to look at.  I LOVED those stacks of magazines (perhaps she sparked my love of magazines).   About 10 years ago Mom came home with a stack of holiday magazines and we immediately poured thru them looking for something new to make that year for the family dinner.  Something caught my eye on one of the recipes.  I looked a little closer to find her handwriting and a note saying “I’ll give you the nuts if you me this”.   (Nana kept a freezer full of pecans at all times. A habit she passed down to us as well).  So that Christmas I tried the recipe and pointed out the requested pie to her at our family dinner.  She looked so confused, she didn’t remember ever writing that in there and got a laugh out of it.  Turns out it was a great recipe!!!  Not only does it taste and look good, it is the easiest recipe ever!  Chris has even made it on his own a time or two if I have been unable.  We get compliments whenever we take it somewhere, someone once asked “What in the world is that decadence?” when they saw the pie.  Chris & I secretly got a good laugh out of it.  And now Chris calls it “The Decadence Pie”.  Which just doesn’t really seem fitting considering what the ingredients are (umm, pudding and coolwhip, seriously).  

I made it for Mom’s birthday last weekend and again tonight for Chris’s work party.  So while this isn’t a traditional family recipe handed down thru the generations, we still claim it as a family recipe from my Nana.  And if I had to guess, she probably never even tried it in all the years that I made it.  She usually stuck to pecan pie.

The only complaint I have about this pie is that it does not fit in any of my pie plates, it’s too tall (if you need to wrap it up and take it somewhere).  If I’m taking it to Mom’s I just add the whip cream when I get there.  So this year our quest is to find the perfect pie plate for it.  I did discover tonight that I can use my small rectangle pyrex dish and it fits perfectly. 

Oh, and this is 10x better after 2-3 days in the fridge.  We always hope for leftovers.

So here is our traditional holiday recipe,


Monday, December 13, 2010

You okay?

2010-12-04 (189)

“You okay?”  We hear and say that a lot in our house.  Mister Wilson said it the other day when I sneezed and when I sneezed the 2nd time he said “You okay again?”.  But the best was when we were driving home and hit a bump in the road and he asked “You okay?”.  I had no clue why he asked that but after lots of questions I finally got enough pieces to understand what he was referring to.  I said something like “oh, back there in the road????” and he impatiently said “Yes.  You okay?”.  After I answered yes both me and the car were okay I laughed all the way home.

2010-12-04 (212)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas slideshow

I have taken a ridiculous amount of Christmas pictures in an attempt to capture the perfect Christmas card photo (start laughing now). I put the slideshow of the good ones in the sidebar. You can click on the slideshow and it will make the pics much bigger.

Happy Birthday Mimi!

2010-11-25 (144)

Funny how my parents are no longer Momma and Daddy, they are only called Mimi and Poppy these days.  My beautiful Mom celebrated her birthday Sunday.  Our days of going out to eat on birthday are over (for now) so we celebrated by dining-in with take out.  And dessert, of course.   Will loves the excuse to blow out candles and we may have lit them more than once….and he loves helping unwrap presents too.  I’m sure he’ll have a great time Christmas day.

Happy Birthday Momma!  We love you!!!!!

2010-12 Dec1

Hmm, seems like I overlooked Poppy’s birthday last month.  We celebrated, just not online.  Sorry to hijack your post Mom, but we can’t ignore the day Will had his very first cinnamon rolls!


2010-11 Nov4

I’m a big kid now!

2010-12 Dec

Will is starting to cross a few things off his his “big boy” list.  While we are not really on board the potty train wagon yet, he is doing great (when we take the time….).  But he did sleep in his big boy bed last night for the first time!!!!  It was a spontaneous decision to make the switch.  He has been napping in our bed for about a year and sleeps so soundly when he does so I knew he’d do well in a real bed, and he never gets out of the bed on his own (even though he can/does when it’s not nap time).  I had said that I wasn’t going to take him out of his crib until he started climbing out again or was potty trained BUT after a week of Will tossing and turning (and then crying for no reason) I decided Saturday we might as well make the switch.  Chris moved everything over during nap time and we were ready to go that night.    His crib is still in his room for now.  And we told him he could still sleep in it if he liked it better or was scared, but last night he was very excited to sleep in his new bed.  He slept pretty soundly last night after he got excited.  He seemed a little lost in there at first and even ended sleeping at the wrong end for awhile but quickly made it back to his pillow.  This morning he said he liked sleeping in his bed.  I asked if it was too big and he said yes and maybe we could get a smaller one.  I told him he could still use his crib but he said no.  We’ll see how tonight goes….

Friday, December 10, 2010

close call


We celebrated Mimi’s birthday tonight.  How Will didn’t catch his hair on fire is beyond me!  Gotta watch him and those birthday candles…..

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Wyatt {5 months}

Wyatt, mid-sentence

2010-12-04 (105)

Sitting in his bumpo seat (successfully) for the first time.2010-11-24 (83)

Wyatt is 5 months!  This month has flown by and 5 months sounds so old, probably because he’s nearing the big 6 month mark.  I know he’s on the verge of doing so many new things it should be an interesting month (if he can get/stay well). 

He did weigh 19lb but being sick made him lose a pound.  So he’s officially 18lbs now.   All 3-6 month clothes are officially packed away (for cousin Jake!) and he’s wearing 6-9 months and 6-12 months clothes.  It looks like he’s going to have a long torso and average legs.  His little legs are lost in his PJ’s but they fit everywhere else.  And he’s still wearing size 3 diapers.  He is a big baby!  It’s hard to remember he’s still a baby baby when he’s so long/big.  We go to do baby things with him, like cradle him and rock him but there’s so much of him it’s hard to tuck him all in.  I want to carry him on my hip like a big baby but realize his neck/head strength isn’t that of a 6-8 month old yet.  Soon enough.  We just get a laugh out of these things now.

Before getting sick he was drinking 6oz every 4 hours.  We hadn’t started solids yet but when he got sick and refused to eat last weekend we tried rice cereal on a spoon.  He LOVED it.  We hope to start doing that in the evenings now and hopefully will help him sleep thru the night.  Last month he was sleeping 10-12 hours easily at night but the last 2 weeks he’s started getting up every night at 3am.  It’s been a hard adjustment for me….I think if he had always woke up during the night I’d be okay with it but it catches me off guard every night now.  I’m praying he starts sleeping thru the night again very soon.  Though I should say he only wakes up long enough for a new diaper, bottle and then quickly passes out. 

His reflux at the beginning of the month was out of control and then we got it back under control right before he got sick.  We’re not sure what’s going on at the moment but think we’ll be back on track in a few days.  We go back to the GI dr next week.  We’ll see if they want to change anything but my guess is no.  Hopefully they will okay us to try more solids other than rice cereal.

He still LOVES the bouncy seat.  Learned to like the swing while he was sick.  And he’s “talking” all the time.  And he’s loud!  He smiles soooo easily and he smiles with his whole face, it’s the best!  And Mister Wilson is finally learning to like Wyatt.  He’s very concerned when he’s crying and will ask us to look for his paci.  And if Will sees his paci he will get it and take it to “brother”.

The big FIRST for this month is his 2 bottom teeth.  I cannot believe he started teething so early, caught everyone by surprise (I had just talked to his teacher about it and we both thought it was too soon…little did we know).  He started daycare in the last month and has done great, other than getting sick.  His sleep habits didn’t change going to daycare, I was hoping he would nap better, but so far he’s still not a napper.  He eats great for them and seems pretty happy when we pick him up.  He has started holding his head up some when he’s on his belly….I know that’s because the ladies work with him a lot on that.  

In November he had his first Thanksgiving (and survived being up way past his bedtime….he just fell asleep in the nearest lap he could find).  And he’s already visited Santa (pictures to come).  First Christmas is quickly approaching!!

2010-12-04 (126)


wyatt monthly pics2

breathe in, breathe out


Guess who’s on the machine now?  Wyatt has officially inherited Will’s breathing machine.  Wyatt went back to the dr Monday after having a rough weekend.  He started with the stomach bug Thursday, getting nearly dehydrated in the middle of Friday night.  Thankfully, after dosing him every 5 minutes for 4 hours with pedialyte he perked up some.  He still occasionally got sick but we realized it was only after a coughing fit that he got sick.  We went to the doctor Monday to talk about all of his issues and she said he technically looked great (ears, nose, throat, chest, stomach) but then he coughed.  A lovely old man cough that she heard once she left the room.  She came running back in and prescribed breathing treatments and thought this might be the source of some of our problems.  We did a treatment last night and he puked right after.  Same deal this morning.  We’re not really calling it puke though….just a very productive cough.  Hopefully this will make him feel much better!  Oh, and add to all of this he’s not eating, at all.  He’s lost a pound in a week and refuses to eat more than 2oz at a time.  And will go 4-6 hours just on those 2oz.  The dr said she didn’t care how we got him to eat but we had to get him back to regular amounts… a syringe it is for now.  Praying he feels better soon and will start eating like normal again!  It’s only Tuesday but is has been a very long week.

God has blessed us with some very challenging babies…..I’m not sure I want to think about what this means for the future – will the teenage years be easier or harder?!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth….

2010-12-03 Wyatt's first tooth

In addition to a nasty cough and violent stomach bug, Wyatt surprised us with 2 teeth Friday.  (Well, Friday the one was showing and by Sat morning the other was out as well)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

it’s going

Potty training is going.  He’s doing good at school and has stayed dry almost 2 days this week (he still wears a diaper though).  Right now he gets M&M’s (or W’s as he calls them) when he goes.  Specifically, green ones.  Good thing I bought the holiday bag. 

Warning TMI if you’re not comfortable with potty-talk…..Wed night at Mimi’s he went sat on his little potty (it’s white, ours is blue), he looked down to see if he had gone and yelled “it’s yellow!”.  Then he stopped, grunted and said “I’m going to try for red.”, seriously.   I about fell in the floor laughing! Guess the blue potty at home hides the fact that it’s yellow??

0I have some hysterical potty pictures but I better protect Will’s privacy, he might kill me in a few years.  But here he is modeling his new Mickey drawers.