Saturday, November 06, 2010

pj’s kind of day


We ALL stayed in our pj’s all day today.  We had big plans for the day but I woke up feeling not so great.  Wyatt quickly proceeded to show us he wasn’t feeling so great either.  And last night Will woke up every few hours.  I think Chris felt okay, I slept a lot today so I’m not really sure how he felt, but obviously well enough since he kept both boys pretty quiet for most of the day. 

Wyatt showed off his snowman pj’s tonight.  Bless his heart, he’s about to bust out of them.  When I bought them I never dreamed he wouldn’t be able to wear them at Christmas.  This is probably the first and last time he’ll be able to fit in them.

And just because I find this funny…..Will said “I’m going to pet him just like this”.


Enjoy your extra hour of sleep.   Who wants to bet Will wakes up at 5:00 Sunday?  Should of let him spend the night with Poppy.

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