Tuesday, November 02, 2010

giggle giggle

2010-11-01 (19)

Wyatt is on the verge of being a regular chuckler (as in laugh, not upchuck, that he does plenty of already).  Twice last week he started laughing.  The first time was when Will was waving a giant sunflower in his face.  And then he did again the next day with Aunt Karen stopped by for a visit and was talking to him.  The tell-tale sign that it was a laugh, he had the hiccups immediately after.  For almost 18 months Will would always get the hiccups after laughing.  Not sure if it’s a reflux thing or if it’s normal (refluxers tend to get the hiccups more than normal). 

Speaking of laughing, Will is a great laugher.  And he’s starting to crack up when he’s watching cartoons.  It’s neat to watch him put the pieces of the story together and find it funny.  He also cracked up when Wyatt sneezed the other day.  It caught us off guard and Will was rolling.  I think he’s going to have a pretty good sense of humor. 

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