Sunday, October 10, 2010

looks like we made it….


Never mind my messed up hair, we made it to church!  All 4 of us.

Will tried on 4 pairs of pants before we found ones that fit (apparently he’s getting taller, but not wider, makes things interesting).  I tried on about as many pants, I am not getting taller or skinnier…….

Wyatt stayed in the nursery for the first time and did great, slept the whole time.

Wilson went to the toddler class for the first time.  And was doing okay until I peaked in and he lost it.  But I heard from several people that he calmed down shortly after I left (Chris told me not to do it….it was awful).  Anyway, he said he had fun.  Enjoyed his sucker from Mr. George but said he wasn’t going back.  Should be interesting next time we pull in the parking lot.

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