Sunday, October 31, 2010


Around town it was heavily debated whether trick-or-treating should be held on Saturday or Sunday night.  Call me a purist but I thought Halloween should be held on the 31st, like the calendar says.  Granted I don’t have school-aged kids so I may change my mind later but I can’t think of any other holidays that get moved around so why move this one.  Plus, it’s too confusing.  It was eventually left up to individual neighborhoods when to celebrate.  We got an email this week saying our neighborhood was celebrating Sunday but to be warned that we may still get visitors Saturday.  Thankfully we only had a handful Saturday night.  But we had just enough to get Will all excited.  He immediately declared “I want to go with them”.  We talked all about how to trick-or-treat and costumes and candy, getting him excited for Sunday.  I then decided to get the costumes out and see what he thought.  I put Wyatt’s on first and Will got all excited (naturally declaring he wanted to be a cow too…oops).  Then as quickly as the costume was on he wanted it off!  He humored me long enough to take a picture though.2010-10-30 (17)2010-10-30 (2)

Since he previously had run screaming from the room whenever he saw the costume I was already ready with a back-up plan….Charlie Br0wn.

2010-10-31 (22)

I found a yellow t-shirt and sewed a zig-zag on it and declared it a costume.  I did buy black shorts, but it was too cold.  Anyway, Charlie worked out perfect.  Granted, Will has no clue who he is but that doesn’t matter.  He was able to wear it to school Friday and not know he was dressed up.  Though I’m sure his teachers had to hear him say “my shirts not brown” all day or “I’m not Charlie, I’m Will”.  And since I wasn’t sure if it was going to be cold enough for Wyatt to be a cow I went ahead and made him a Charlie shirt too, his didn’t exactly cover his muffin top though.

We couldn’t talk Will out of the green shoes though….2010-10-31 (11)

We didn’t have much of a plan for going door-to-door but when Valerie & Amanda stopped by we decided to go to 5-6 houses and see how Will did.  He seemed to enjoy it and even went alone to a few houses with just Amanda.  At one house they asked what kind of candy he wanted and he said “a sucker”.  Unfortunately she did not have any but Will did end up with one in his bucket and that’s the only piece he had all night (he never finished it, he just carried it around). 

2010-10-31 (45)2010-10-31 (50)2010-10-31 (55)

We came back home and started handing out candy.  We asked Will if he wanted to go to some more houses but he said he wanted to “feed” the kids.  So that’s what we did.  Not sure where he got “feed” from but it was funny.  He had the best time passing out candy.  He’d say “here you go” and “you want some more”, it was so funny.  And we heard a bunch of kids telling their parents about Charlie Brown.  One said “I just watched his movie, he’s my favorite”.   Towards the end of the night a few scarier kids came up and Will started to look worried but he worked thru it and gave them candy too.  But he looked relieved when they left.  2010-10-31 (62)

I’d say our first Halloween was a successful one (minus Wyatt’s tears)!

**Sorry if you are reading this in a blog reader and it shows up 10 times. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a long post and could not get my post together tonight.

I’m gonna feed her

handing out candy

Will enjoyed handing out candy more than going door-to-door.  I’m not sure where he got “I’m gonna feed her/them” but he said it all night long.  He would play in the yard till he saw more “little kids” coming and he’d race up to the porch to get in place.  We laughed every time he did it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin time!

REMEMBER when we crammed Wilson into a tiny pumpkin……we decided there wasn’t a pumpkin big enough for Wyatt.  This year we introduced Will to pumpkin carving.  To say he was disinterested is an understatement.   He did reach in once or twice and then moved on.  He got his crayons and markers out and colored on the pumpkin while Chris cleaned it out.  Chris quickly carved it up and we put a candle in it.  At that point Will became very interested in the pumpkin, wanting to check out the candle and of course, blow it out.2010-10 OCt4

2010-10 OCt5

2010-10-23 (168)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

brief training…..


I bought Will some briefs today.  I am soooo not ready to start potty-training (though would be thrilled to not change another dirty diaper….) His teachers swear that he’s mostly trained at school and said if we become dedicated at home he’ll be trained in no time.  One teacher even said he could just go cold turkey and be trained in a day or two.  Glad they have a lot more confidence in Will than we do….. I was hoping that the fact that these have his favorite mouse on them will help.  But as he screamed at me in the middle of the store that “I not need UNDERWARE.  I not wear them!” I’m starting to have my doubts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

fishy fishy

I’m so behind, but I’m trying to catch up….

Collages1Will loved our anniversary trip to the aquarium.  He talked excitedly the whole ride down (I’ll try to remember to upload the videos).  But his mission was to see as many things as quickly as possible.   All we heard was “What’s next?” the entire visit.  Needless to say it was a very quick visit (thankfully it wasn’t crowded).  Afterwards we sat outside feeding Wyatt and Will had a snack, 15 minutes later he was ready to go back in.   Might be time to consider a membership……

2010-10-14 (185)

partly windy.

woke up about 5:45 this morning to the sound of the tornado/severe weather siren. turned on the news and heard that a tornado was spotted nearby, and the warning was in effect for the next 25 minutes or so, and to seek shelter right away. so, we went upstairs, got the boys, and spent the next 20 minutes down in the basement storage room (aka, willie's office). julie has one of those hand-crank weather radios, so for about 20 minutes, she and will took turns cranking it so we could hear the weather updates. i held wyatt, who, for the most part, stayed asleep the whole time.
it might sound ridiculous that we did this, but with two little ones in the house, on the second floor, no less, we weren't taking any chances. fortunately the warning was lifted soon after, and we returned to our normal morning routine.
have a great monday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

UPDATE to Julie's last post...

Julie emailed daycare last night asking for an estimate of when they would have a spot for Wyatt. They wrote back this morning to say they're expecting a spot to open up mid-November. This is very promising news. So, now we'll just have to work something out for around a 3-week time period. Not bad at all.

Monday, October 18, 2010

$2,000 piece of mind

2010-10-04 (3)

What I would pay right now to know I had a spot at daycare for Wyatt in 3 weeks…..we had 2 calls from our daycare that a spot was open for Wyatt in June and July.  We just couldn’t justify paying $2,000+ for daycare when a) Wyatt wasn’t born yet and b) he had just been born.  Now I’m 3.5 weeks away from going back to work (as in the very last possible day left in my FMLA leave) and we don’t have anywhere to send Wyatt.  We do have a backup provider where our nephew goes but I’m a little OCD and I want my Plan A to work out.  I don’t want both Chris & I to have to drive in 2 different directions twice a day to get the kids where they have to be (both are 20-25 minutes one way).  I know who Wyatt’s teachers are suppose to be, and they are understand that we have high-maintenance babies. I had hoped to enjoy this last bit of time off but I am so stressed that it’s going to be hard.  I should add that we are #1 on the waiting list BUT they can’t tell us when there will be an opening (which I don’t understand b/c either a baby/toddler is moving up or they’re not…..).  I did try to lobby for this as my sign to quit work but Chris just laughed at that idea seeing how we “budgeted” and all for that big lifestyle change. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

funny words

  • Will calls football “flipball”.  And he says it over and over….”where’s my flipball? Have you seen it?”
  • Eye drops are “raindrops”.  I keep some by my bed and Will always grabs them and asks “Mommy, do you want your raindrops?”
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is “Clumhouse”
  • Remote is “REEEEmote”. “Mommy, get that reeeemote and turn on Mickey Mouse Clumhouse” said while leaned back on a pillow, legs crossed and drinking milk.

2010-10-14 (162)

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

a decade

2010-10-14 (3)

Thursday was our 10 year anniversary… celebrate we went to the most romantic place we could think of… the aquarium with 2 kiddos.  No big trip this year.  No dinner out (we just went out for my birthday).  Just hours of family time this year, after all, we did wait almost a decade for our babies.


Our first anniversary in 2001 – Savannah, GA


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

nice brother….

Will went up to Wyatt tonight and petted him on the head and gave him a kiss.  At this point that’s the same amount of love Willie & Gus get so I guess that’s a step in the right direction.


the snowman song

My Nana's piano has found a new home at our house.  This was Will's first time to see a real piano, he was so excited.  He played it at Nana's house, he played it as it was loaded up on the trailer for the move, he played it in the driveway and he couldn't wait to climb up on the bench and compose his first song.  He said it's called "The Snowman Song".  He also has a similar song titled "The Butterfly Song".

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mr. Wilson’s Playlist

Julie mentioned that Will has his own playlist on my ip0d, which we listen to most every day on the way to/from school. Here are some of the songs on said playlist:

“All My Friends are Insects” –Weezer
“Hippo, Hippo!” –The Wiggles
“Woo Hoo” – The 5,6,7,8’s
“We’re Going to be Friends” –The White Stripes

"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" -Scissors
“Surfin’ Bird” –The Ramones
“Black Horse & Cherry Tree” -KT Tunstall
“We’re Dancing with Wags the Dog” –The Wiggles
“Werewolves of London” –Adam Sandler
“All Together Now” –The Beatles
“Hot Dog!” –They Might Be Giants
“Buffalo Gals” –Bruce Springsteen
“Monkey Man” –The Wiggles
“Pay Me My Money Down” –Bruce Springsteen
“The Duck Song” –Bryant Oden
“Baa Baa Black Sheep” –traditional
“Itsy Bitsy Spider (long version)” –traditional

He does have an all-Wlggles playlist, but this one gets the most spins.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

looks like we made it….


Never mind my messed up hair, we made it to church!  All 4 of us.

Will tried on 4 pairs of pants before we found ones that fit (apparently he’s getting taller, but not wider, makes things interesting).  I tried on about as many pants, I am not getting taller or skinnier…….

Wyatt stayed in the nursery for the first time and did great, slept the whole time.

Wilson went to the toddler class for the first time.  And was doing okay until I peaked in and he lost it.  But I heard from several people that he calmed down shortly after I left (Chris told me not to do it….it was awful).  Anyway, he said he had fun.  Enjoyed his sucker from Mr. George but said he wasn’t going back.  Should be interesting next time we pull in the parking lot.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Warning….two long posts ahead

Lots of pictures and words in one day.  AND a video from Chris at the very bottom.  It’s hit or miss on the blog these days :)

Wilson’s 1/2 birthday

2010-10 OCt2

We decided to celebrate Will’s 1/2 birthday this year.  Nothing big other than a special cake.  1/2 a cake that is.  And 2.5 candles.  (Did you know they sell half cakes at the store? I’m pretty sure they’re not for half birthdays, but still.  Of course, I didn’t pay $8 for half a cake, I just made a whole one and cut it in half.)  Will thought he was pretty special to get his own cake and candles.  I don’t think he gets birthdays just yet or 1/2 birthdays for that matter, but he will soon.  AND he ate the cake, lots of it.  I figured skipping the icing helped win him over, that and the candles. (Just realized that Chris & I share a birthday week with each of the boy’s half birthdays)

At 2.5 years old Will weighs 24.5 lbs.  (He weighs himself every week at Poppy’s).  He LOVES rice.  He could (and sometimes does) have it 3-4 times a week.  He also likes peas/carrots (yuck) and hasn’t met a bean he doesn’t like.  He loves “stripes” aka shredded cheese.  And he loves “orange cheese” aka american cheese slices.  Still loves avocado.  And has started liking/requesting lemonade to drink.  He loves biscuits but you can’t trick him with cornbread or garlic cheese biscuits, just plain please.  And he’s started eating cereal with milk lately.  He has also mastered drinking out of an open cup but we don’t really let him do that at home.  He does it a school with every meal though.

He also is starting to use the potty.  We’re not quite ready to start full-time yet but at school he goes 2-3 times a day.  And he’ll ask to use it here some, and we let him when he asks.  But if we ask he won’t usually go.  One thing against us is that he will sit in a dirty diaper for hours if we’d let him.  His favorite response is “No, I not have a load in there” proud of his Daddy for teaching him that .

He talks non-stop.  And according to his teachers he is pretty advanced in his language skills.  The other parents in his class have also complemented him on that too.  I guess he does talk pretty well because whenever we are out running errands other parents ask how old he is and then say their 2 year old doesn’t talk that well.  I don’t personally know any other 2.5 year olds so I’m not sure if he’s ahead or normal but I’ll take the compliment.  He does pronounce most words correctly, the only one that he says babyish is music, he says “mugick”.  And for a few weeks he did say “blankley” instead of blanket.  And I loved it, I was sad when I realized he was saying it correctly.  I’ll say it’s due to his love of reading, he still “plays” with books way more than he does other toys. 

Will still loves music.  Playing, singing or dancing.  He has quite the eccletic playlist on Chris’s ipod.  He’ll have to share that one day.  But right now, his favorite song is The Duck Song, pretty sure it’s what started his love of lemonade.

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold!

Wyatt {3 months old}

2010-10-05 (101) 2010-10-05 (92)

2010-10-05 (155)


Picture overload!!  Wyatt’s 3 months old now!!

No 3 month doctors appt, but 2 weeks ago he weighed 15lb 5oz.  I’d imagine he’s much bigger than that now!

He’s definitely in 6 months clothes and those are seeming small already.  I have a feeling he will be in the 6-9 stuff soon!

He’s wearing a size 2 diaper still but they are seeming pretty snug these days.  I hope not, I have a pile of #2’s left to use.  But given the fact that he likes to have his diaper changed at least every hour we might be okay.  During a bottle we sometimes change it 3 times!  Before, during and after.  He will seriously cry until he gets a dry one.  (I wonder if this means he’ll be easy to potty-train).

He smiles and coo’s ALL THE TIME.  Just grin at him and odds are he’ll smile back.  He’s starting to notice the ceiling fan and other toys above him now.  He can kinda play on the play mat now too.   And he’s starting to like the swing a little bit too!  But he still loves his bouncy seat, it almost always calms him down.

He’s still eating every 3 hours and is taking 4oz each time.  Though this week he’s been wanting a little over 4oz so looks like we’ll be making bigger bottles soon.  Of course, he has rice in his bottles now to help his reflux.  (his face is just one giant melon now).

He has been sleeping in his own room now for about 2 weeks!  Yea!! We are all sleeping better now.  He goes to sleep around 8:30 and sleeps till about 7:00!!!!  So far Will hasn’t woken him up yet (Will talks in his sleep or wakes up crying several times a week).  His naps are still pretty inconsistent but he sleeps about 90 min after each bottle during the day.

His reflux & MSPI seem to be getting under control now.  Last week was probably our lowest week with all of this.  This week has been great, and I am so thankful!  Elecare seems to be working along with upping his reflux meds.  We go back in 2 weeks to see what to do next (at some point we hope to wean off of Elecare).

The only “firsts” he’s had this month are going to church for the first time.  And a trip to the Zoo.  Otherwise, thankfully, we’ve had a very uneventful month.

2010-10-07 three months old

wyatt monthly pics

I just realized he has the same onesie on in his 1 and 2 month pictures…

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

say what?

  • I was eating a salad with dinner the other day and Will asked what I was eating.  I told him lettuce.  He said “No, turtles eat lettuce.  Not you Mommy.”   A few days later we saw a picture of a turtle and I asked Will what he eats, he said “lettuce, it’s yucky”.  I guess he’s already formed an opinion on salads.
  • I told Will I needed to run to a store and do some shopping.  He said “No, you not go to the store, it’s dangerous.”  I asked him to repeat it and he said dangerous again.  Sounds like something his Daddy would of told him to tell me to keep me from spending money.  Funny enough, Daddy was on the phone with me when he said it.
  • Today on the way to the hardware store I told Will where we were going, a few minutes later he said “I not go to the store, I stay in the car”, I asked him why and he said “I stay in car and read my books.  You go to the store”.  I probably said the same thing to my mom a million times….of course, I was old enough to stay in the car alone when I said it.
  • When we read books Will says “Let’s talk about it”,we think  that means let’s read it or tell me what the pictures are.
2010-09-29 k'ville zoo (17)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

birthday weekend

We celebrated my birthday this weekend, all weekend long!  Friday Mom & I went to the new craft store that opened, happy birthday to me!  Saturday we went downtown to see the hot air balloons.  We spotted a dozen or so on the drive down and Will thought it was so neat to see them in the air.  Once we got there he was kind of over it.  He liked the “squirting animals” the best.2010-10-02 (12)

Then we climbed “big hill”.  Kipper the dog frequently goes to Big Hill so Will was on the lookout for him.  We had fun running to the top and rolling, aka scooting, down the hill.  SONY DSC

2010-10-02 (87) Wyatt just hung out, preferably on someone’s shoulder.2010-10-02 (72)

2010-10-02 (120)

Saturday night we celebrated with Mom & Dad and a pink cookie cake.  Will dug in.  He always surprises me.2010-10-02 (122)

Chris surprised me with a great gift, an AmazonKindle!  I’ve downloaded my first book and have already started reading.  So far I really like it!  I know it will be fabulous to take on trips.  Of course, I don’t think I can go 100% electronic.  I imagine I’ll still want my parenting/adoption books in the traditional form, but everything else can be digital.  I also downloaded the bible,  I’m not sure how easy that is going to be to flip around, but I’ll give it a try.


And then Sunday the boys stayed with Mimi & Poppy while we went to lunch and shopping.  It was a great weekend!