Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Will says….

In a matter of minutes Will said all of the following:

W – Where’s my dancing hat?

Me – Your dancing hat?  Do you mean your fireman hat?

W- Yes.  Oh, there it is.  Oh, where’s my guitar? finds guitar Look I’m a rock star.

Me – A rock star?

W – Yes, a rock star. he strums a few chords and dances Oh, where’s my drums?

He then drops all of that and runs to the end table

W – Here are those clippers.  Momma I’m going to snap your toes.  Snap, snap, snap  as he touches the nail clippers to my toes.  Oh, where’s Daddy.  I need to snap his toes too.

Will’s most favorite word is “Oh”.  He definitely over uses it and it precedes almost every word, phrase or sentence he uses.

I LOVE this age.

2010-08-27 (33)

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