Thursday, September 16, 2010

teeth – check, kind of

Will had his first dentist appt Wednesday.  It was uneventful.  But only because he refused to cooperate.  He was happy in the waiting room telling everyone where he was going (“at the dentist”).  And gladly walked back with Miss Ginny.  He was quiet for 3-4 minutes and then I started hearing “No. I not do that” over and over and over.  Then crying.  They came to get me.  Even with me there he refused to have his teeth clean.  Now you are probably wondering why I took him so soon….he has had spots on his front teeth since they came in.  His doctor and I have watched them.  They have faded but are still there, on all 4 teeth.  I was worried about decay and his doctor said it was time to have a dentist check them out.  Thankfully they did not think it was a sign of decay, just some stains that could probably come off if he’d let them clean them.  Since they are harmless I didn’t want to force the issue.  I was just glad that he let them look in there long enough to see they were okay.  I had been envisioning him having caps on all his bottom teeth, thankful that’s not the case!  Today we earned one very expensive toothbrush and sticker!

Obviously not a picture from today – today there were no pictures given all the drama.

2010-09-05 Labor Day (95)

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